Saturday, September 17, 2011


I've been active on facebook with supporting rescues, effort, petitions and more, since there is only so far a blog can reach. Esp all the death row dogs, abuse cases and connecting pets to people.

There is always something I want to blog about though. So this blog will continue to be about rescues and animal welfare. This blog started as more of dog adoption, rescue. and training blog and now is expanding into all animal rescue and volunteer opportunities and more. My personal blog Hypnagogic of course is personal blab and about plant based diet and nutrition. And my food blog Hobby And More mainly about food! and veganizing some favorite recipes.

I am scrapping the find-me-a-happy-pet facebook page. Instead you can just subscribe to my status updates here , which are 99% about my work with animal rescues, petitions, veganism and more.:)

Do check out my recent series about Animal Aid and their amazing work in Udaipur, India.

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