Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chewie the Fluffster

Chewie is our resident Fluffster. He is a social butterfly of the building and Belltown. Everyone knows him by name! I also realized that he can also be the social bee and help this blog's pollen along! So he gets his own post!

Chewie's bio in his words..
I was left at a shelter by my previous family and then a rescue picked me up. My previous family did not have time for me anymore and left me home 14-16 hours a day. Thank goodness, they realized that they should give me up so someone else could adopt me. When I met my mom and dad, my hair was a smelly matty mess and I was loving but a little skittish and snappy. But they looked beyond all that and took me home! The rest of course is history..
I am the cutest cuddle bug who loves to meet all people and loves all the petting and massages. You can find me in the Sculpture Park in Seattle most evenings! Drop by to say Hi!

Chewie and me are trying to connect families and adoptable pets using this blog and making the whole adoption process easier with tips and training info. We also write about rescues and about local adoptable dogs, happy endings and chewie and the fosters training and antics. Read more about Chewie and Me and the blog here and chewie's personal musings, pictures and videos on Chewie's facebook Page !

Chewie's recent video on his youtube channel

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