Saturday, May 21, 2011

Award and The Saturday Pet Blog Hop!

Thanks to Carrie at AllThingsDogBlog for passing on the award to me..

So, I gotta do the following

  1. Thank the person that awarded it to you and list a link back to the blogger
  2. Tell 7 things about yourself
  3. Pay it forward by sending it to your favorite recently found new bloggers
  4. Contact the blogger that you have awarded and make them aware

A few things about me

  • Well, I have always loved animals.. We had a pom spitz mix growing up and now our adopted fluffbug Chewie my fluffster.
  • I've always loved cooking, baking, finding and creating.
  • and been and still am a sucker for emotional stories..
  • I've been a part of SPCA or some Nature Club through high school and then got a bit busy with undergrad and grad school and career and work. I worked as a software developer for 4 years, and then as luck would have it, changed to something that I really love to, bake, cook, foster and volunteer.
  • We are transitioning into an organic and vegan diet. Check out some of my creations and recipes at my food blog and also a more detailed about me here. This blog is more about pets, adoptions, trainings, and related causes.
  • am slowly getting involved in animal activism and the politics around it and it feels good to make even a tiny difference! Read more about it on my personal blog (more about articles, research and veganism) or friend me on facebook (more of updates about helping dog adoptions, petitions and causes against abuse and cruelty all over the world, and make them tiny differences)! (Be sure to tell me that you are a fellow blogger or how you found me so I can accept your friend request.. :)
  • I love funky nail polishes and now have a collection of them funky colors! There are some featured on some bread pictures on my food blog!

  • If I could, I would pass it back to Carrie at All things Dog Blog! Her blog is a great collection of all things dog, training, giveaways, vet common questions and more!
    Passing the Award on to the following bloggers in no particular order
    Heres a video of him getting tangled up..

    Fluffster loves to carry his tennis ball back from his walk at the park with clear focus of taking the ball home and hiding it. He gets all antsy since he has to wait for the train to get home, and in the process winds himself on the pole! :). Hubbs took this video from his phone and of course got him out of the stuck situation!

    Today is also the Saturday Pet Blog Hop. Have a great woofing Weekend!

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    1. OMD!! I've been so busy...I had no idea...
      THANK YOU so very, very much! I am truly honored, and accept your gracious passing of this award with head bowed!

      Chewie, I wouldn't let go of that ball, either!! BOL A tennie is like GOLD!

      Your blog is awesome, and you are too! Thank you! xoxo