Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Adoptable Pets! Fur Baby Rescue, Los Angeles,CA

FurBaby Rescue Fur Baby is an adoption agency that works with local non-profit organizations and city shelters to save animals from euthanasia. When you adopt from Fur Baby, you are saving a life!

From their Petfinder page
We take pet adoptions very seriously. Please remember that pets live for 10-20 years. Also, pets cost money and need your love and attention. Some of our pets have specials needs and we try to match pet to owner so that EVERYONE is happy. We do try to make the adoption process easy and we're super nice. With that being said, please contact us and maybe we have the right pet for you! Our adoptions require application, home check and adoption donation. We also have a network of "rescue friends" that we think do good work, so if we don't have the right dog for you, we'll point you in the right direction."

The best place to find a pet in LA are the county and city shelters. They usually have 100s to 500s dogs and cats, usually overfull, highest kill rate and just about all breeds( lots of tiny chihuahuas to big purebred GSDs, Labs), puppies to seniors. A lot of rescues around LA, pull pets from the shelters. Some rescues in our state(WA) pull some each week too and there is still such a high pet dump rate!
If you are in California or close by, and want a pet, please adopt one of the thousands passing through the shelters each month.!

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