Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why should you NOT get a dog... and the guard dog misconception

Please Do NOT get a dog if
  • You plan to make him into a guard dog by tying him to a one foot rope day and night
  • You expect him to guard your house from that 1 foot rope.
  • You plan to use whip, kick, hitting as your training methods
  • You can not afford to take him to a vet when he gets sick or injured.
  • You can not afford dog food, a dog house, heartworm and flea prevention, rabies and parvo vaccinations, spay or neuter.
  • You don't plan to keep him inside your home, play with him and give him love.
  • You dont plan to leash walk him twice a day or you don't have a secure fenced area.
  • You don't plan to socialize him to people and other pets and obedience train him, teach him good manners.
  • You plan to leave him outside without much attention or tied to a pole, forgotten as an old toy.
  • You are getting the dog just for your kids, as a fashion statement, or an impulse gift.
  • You plan to feed the dog whenever you feel like feeding him.
  • You think that the dog will learn each command within a minute and understand your each word.
  • You aren't committed to caring for him for his entire 10-15 year lifespan.
Please DO NOT get a dog for the above reasons.
Why you should get a dog, read here.
The part about guard dogs is especially true in India. I do not know why everyone thinks, that one, they need a guard dog, and two, the dog needs to be tied to a gate or a pole all day and night to be a guard dog.

A guard dog when used in day today terms is not a trained guard or attack dog. A guard dog as a domestic pet is just defined as a more protective dog. Some dog breeds are more protective about their owners and make great domestic guard dogs. They can alert the owners by barking or showing a little aggression towards strangers. These dogs can live as family dogs and fulfill their duty as a guard dog. Being tied to a gate, does not help them in any way. It just makes them frustrated and aggressive and is not good for the mental health of the dog. How do you suppose a dog tied to a gate will stop an intruder/thief??

A trained guard dog is trained professionally to attack or restrain intruders. These dogs need special training and the training usually uses a reward system, and does not use hitting or any negative reinforcement.

The recent deluge of news about people starving their dogs, or forgetting about them, or leaving them tied up all their life, called for a strong post. Dogs are living beings with feelings and needs like your own children. Please do not think of them as a toy or the current fashionable thing.
Please get a dog only if you think of him as your child, friend, family member.

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