Saturday, April 9, 2011

Why should you Get a dog!

Some great reasons to get a dog!
  • Companionship - What better companion than a dog, who will always be by your side come rain or shine.
  • Stress relief - Dogs provide stress relief for all kinds of stress for all people/kids, all ages.
  • Exercise - dogs need exercise to channel their energy away from destructive behaviors. Come rain or shine, the dog has to go for a walk!
  • Unconditional love - whichever way you treat your dog, he will always have love for you. no judgement.
  • Companion for Children - Children who grow up with a loving pet, have better socialization, stress handling skills and empathy towards other people and animals. Dont get one because your children ask for a pet. They will soon leave for schools and their other interests. The dog will be your pet and your kids' friend.
  • Lessons of life - patience, compassion and responsibility. Caring for the dog and dealing with his training, bad habits, needs are the lessons in patience and responsibility you need to be a good and compassionate human being!
  • Joy! - whats better than a dog meeting you after work with the same enthusiasm, licks and love, day after day! everyday!
And if you do decide to get a dog.. ADOPT one from from local animal shelter or dog rescues around you.
You can find puppies and purebreds in rescues too, because people get dogs on a whim and a day/week/month later, dump them in a shelter or a rescue.

Please Adopt!! Dont Breed or Buy while shelter pets die!
6-8 million pets are euthanized each year in the US. Thats more than 20,000 per day.

For Adoptions in the US, please go to
You can search by breed, age, sex and distance from you.

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