Friday, April 15, 2011

Puppy Mills, Volunteers and Adoptable Pet of the Day- Angel! Blog the Change Today!

If you aren't yet convinced about puppy mills, please do read Doreen's journey into the underbelly of the Puppy Mill industry.. The biggest ones are in Missouri.. Please do give the write up a few minutes and see the ways you can help!

These sweet creatures need our voice. Please Adopt! Do not buy from a pet store, back yard breeder or any website.. Those dogs will have come from one of the puppy producing farms of hell. That puppy in the window, with a bow and a yip.. has a story to tell.. a story which is not a fairy tale,.. a story told all too many times..

Here is my earlier post about Tuggie, one of my foster dogs who came from a puppy mill. This story has a happy ending. But a lot of other stories do not.
If you meet someone today who wants a dog, tell them about where the puppies come from and tell them about How to Adopt from your local shelters and rescues.

Heres the Adoptable pet of the day. Angel! in Woodinville,WA

Angel is an eight year-old cutie who is looking for a new home after being surrendered to an Eastern Washington shelter. She is initially very shy and timid, so she's looking for someone who is the nurturing type to help her feel safe and secure. She mainly just likes to be held, and at only 4 pounds she is very portable! She is deaf, but her lack of hearing doesn't bother at all. Angel is dog and cat friendly and she's looking for cozy adult only home. This little fuzz ball is waiting to climb up into your arms and love you forever. Come meet her!

Another topic close to my heart is Volunteering. Any few minutes from your busy day to do any small thing is always appreciated! Heres my earlier post on Volunteer opportunities in local shelters and rescues. Even if you can spend a few minutes on one of the weekends, dropping into the shelter to play with the dogs there, they will love you back.. 10 times more than what you can imagine! Heres the Seattle Animal shelter web cameras to see some of the adoptable animals!

You can also make a donation to the rescues, one of my favorites is Old Dog Haven . They have a senior dog sanctuary and provide hospice and final refuge homes to all the senior dogs left behind. Every Birthday, we sponsor one of the dogs living in hospice care.

Blog for the change today and lets all make a difference.. Click the badge below to find how you can join in!

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  1. Wow! You're packed with ideas, from avoiding puppy mills to adopting rescues to senior dogs - awesome! Angel looks like she is just that, here's to her finding her forever home soon! And here's to you - for all you do for animals:)

    Thank you for blogging the change!

    Kim Thomas from

  2. Good luck to Angel! And, thank you for your suggestions - you're absolutely right, just a few hours on a weekend can make a big difference.

    Thanks for blogging the change!

    Amy from and

  3. thank you Cindy and Amy..! Keep the great work going!

  4. Great post - rescues are the best!

  5. Thank you all! Angel got adopted earlier this week!!yayy!