Saturday, April 2, 2011

Adoptable Pet of the Day! Rufus and Little Bit! Chewie helps me choose today

Rufus and Little Bit are utterly, completely bonded and in love, so they must be adopted together. Theirs is a great love story like Bogart and Bacall, Superman and Lois Lane, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, these two were meant to be together. Both are friendly, affectionate and outgoing. They are gentle, playful and friendly. They enjoy cuddling together and grooming each other. They are a sweet, dynamic duo. With all that love to share, all this wonderful pair is missing is a place to call home.

Chewie in his reading glasses helping me choose the adoptable pets of the day!

And then later both of us will be watching the dogs, cats and some critters through the shelter cameras at Seattle Animal Shelter!

Have a great weekend everyone! This is a Saturday blog hop!

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