Thursday, April 7, 2011

Adoptable Pet of the Day! Frankie

This companion animals name is Frankie. Frankie is a gentle loving 7 year old fawn and black pug that wants to be with people and hang out. He loves everyone. He is a good sport about everything and does not know how to not be a persons buddy. He knows basic commands and is crate trained. He is good with dog loving cats and even likes bunny rabbits. He is a gentle soul. Frankie has some flaws. He will mark in the house if left alone so he must be crated. He like many pugs just never get the total house breaking thing. He is very willing to crate up so no big deal. He also is a fecal eater which is totally gross so we need him to go to a home with no other dogs or someone that scoops often. I know it sounds nasty but it is a common issue with dogs. We don't see an issue here unless he is in a yard that is not cleaned up as it should be. Frankie like many pugs is also heat sensitive and can not be out in the hot weather. He must have a fenced yard not exceptions. He is not perfect but he is super sweet and looks at his people with adoration that one can spend a lifetime looking for. We are seeking a home that will love him and adore home back .

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