Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Adoptable Pet of the Day! Dozer

Who doesnt want a cute face like him? He has been on petfinder for some months now. Dozer is a funny boy that adores his people. He just wants to be with his family and hang out and play. He is a dog that has ready to go attitude but has a big quiet side when you are hanging out. He is a dog that is best suited as an only dog and is a best friend dog or a kind other dog.. He has done well in play groups and his foster home with many selected dogs. So, he gets along with some dogs well but loves people more. We have enjoyed wandering about with Dozer and sharing the mornings and evenings with him. He walks very well on lead and enjoys a walk about. He also has done well with us when inside. We do crate him when he is not supervised. He likes his crate and hangs out in there on his own free will also. He is looking for a owner that likes a spunky dedicated baby. Dozer has had 2 weeks of professional training and has basic commands. He likes a consistant care giver that follows good dog rules and has a consistant personality and care plan for their canine companions.


  1. What a cutie! Hope he finds the perfect family!


  2. Thank you for stopping by our blog - so glad to have discovered yours.

    Dozer is sooooo cute and we can't wait until we get settled enough to add another dogger to the mix - and we will definitely adopt!

  3. Thank you Pat and Gus for dropping by!