Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rescues in India: Animal Aid Unlimited Udaipur

Animal Aid Unlimited ( is a US-based 501(c)3 charitable organization that runs a busy animal hospital and shelter in Udaipur, Rajasthan India, where ownerless street animals are rescued, healed, loved, and returned to the neighborhoods from where they came.

Animal Aid’s purpose is to both bring relief to suffering animals, and to awaken compassion among people. Showing everyone a path for action is where we begin.

Did you ever scratch a donkey under his chin? Have you ever bottle fed a baby goat? Ever helped a dog who lost her leg learn to walk again?

At Animal Aid, it’s easy to do beautiful work. Each day, about 200 animals are treated and encouraged to thrive. Animal Aid runs a busy helpline and rescue programme for injured and ill ownerless street animals in Udaipur. Each year we respond to more than 3,000 calls reporting animal suffering, with cases ranging from a cow hit by a car, to a dog with a maggot-infested wound, to cases of abuse. With invaluable support from donors, volunteers, and Udaipur locals, Animal Aid has rescued more than 25,000 animals since 2002. There is also a sanctuary for cows, dogs, donkeys and other animals who are permanently injured and cannot survive on their own.

There are several ways to volunteer, at the shelter or from home . Do look at the website to see their work, opportunities, information about sponsoring an animal and more.

Pictured Kangaroo who is at the sanctuary for a permanent injury. Find Animal Aid on Facebook here

More videos here

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Adoptable Pets! Pyrenees at National Great Pyrenees Rescue in Portland,OR

Who wouldn't like a cute face like this! This is Bella.

Starting up a new weekly post about rescues all over US.

This week we are visiting the pretty Pyreneeses at the National Great Pyrenees Rescue in Portland, OR

Look at all the available dogs here

More about Pyrenees and their care here
These big white fluffy dogs are calm, gentle giants who make wonderful pets. They are usually good with children and small animals and they add an abundance of unconditional love and tranquility into our busy lives.

From the rescue page
Adopters must fill out our adoption form and home checks are part of the adoption procedure. Whenever possible, a rescue volunteer will come to the home to meet the prospective owners and make suggestions appropriate to the dog's care. Our experienced rescuers specialize in working with Pyrs and can help determine if this is the right breed for you. NGPR urges that anyone interested in adopting a Great Pyrenees dog learn as much as they can about the breed.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Adoptable Pet of the Day! Dozer

Who doesnt want a cute face like him? He has been on petfinder for some months now. Dozer is a funny boy that adores his people. He just wants to be with his family and hang out and play. He is a dog that has ready to go attitude but has a big quiet side when you are hanging out. He is a dog that is best suited as an only dog and is a best friend dog or a kind other dog.. He has done well in play groups and his foster home with many selected dogs. So, he gets along with some dogs well but loves people more. We have enjoyed wandering about with Dozer and sharing the mornings and evenings with him. He walks very well on lead and enjoys a walk about. He also has done well with us when inside. We do crate him when he is not supervised. He likes his crate and hangs out in there on his own free will also. He is looking for a owner that likes a spunky dedicated baby. Dozer has had 2 weeks of professional training and has basic commands. He likes a consistant care giver that follows good dog rules and has a consistant personality and care plan for their canine companions.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Keep your dog and You Happy!

Some super simple things that will keep your dog happy
  • Food and Water : Good quality food 2 to 4 times a day depending on your dogs needs and metabolism. Some treats in between if needed. Supply of fresh water at all times!
  • Shelter: Clean and dry bed, a crate or a kennel which can accommodate the dogs complete height when he stretches in width while lying down, as well as height. If an outside dog, then waterproofed kennel and warm blankets for cold weather, cool shadowed shelter for the hot weather.
  • Exercise: Daily exercise, running, walks,playing or anything that the dog likes for 30 minutes twice a day or an hour at the least, more depending on the dogs age, breed and energy level.
  • Training: Teaching your dog some obedience and tricks is good for his mental health and is a great time to connect with the dog. Always use positive re-inforcement, using negative actions like hitting or shouting just scare the dog without him understanding the reason and are not recommended. Use treats and love to enforce the right behavior. Read more about how here
  • Love: Dogs need love, touch and care. Give the love right after exercise or after training.
  • Daily walk: Dogs need to pee every 4-6 hours during the day depending on their bladder, 8-9 hours at night, and poop 1 -2 times a day. If theres a yard, then let the dog have access to it depending on its schedule. If not, then walk 3-4 times a day, for the dog to be able to relieve himself. Brisk walks can be counted as exercise!
  • Vet check up: Yearly visits to the vet, for vaccinations and health check up.
  • Socialization: Meeting new people and other dogs is as important for the dog as it is for humans. The more number of people, kids and dogs he meets, the more he learns about accepted behavior around them.
Some simple rules to keep you and your dog happy!
Also, chaining, or crating a dog for more than a few hours a day or night is not good for the mental well being of the dog. Confinement for extended periods of time just make the dogs more aggressive.

The motivation for this post came from simple questions that come up when I meet dog owners. The new adoptive parents of one of my fosters called me everyday with questions. One of the questions was that P is peeing at night. I knew that she was fully house trained from her stay at our house for 2 weeks, so I asked them about her walk schedule. They said twice a day. Then I had to explain why she should be taken out atleast 4 times. Just a simple association to how many times we(humans) need to go in a day. But sometimes that association doesnt come naturally. A new pet is sometimes a puzzle. Not any more! Please share this post!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Adoptable Pet of the Day! Ziggy and Marley

What could be better than a furry playful ball of energy? How about two! Meet Ziggy and Marley, two identical brothers that will keep you guessing who is who. Given the chance, they will charm you with their extra-fluffy tails, amazingly soft fur and quiet voices. They have an entertaining brother chemistry keeping each other busy. Ziggy is the outgoing one - he is always at your side, ready for a little lap nap. Marley is more of a free spirit - he likes to relax in a secluded spot of his own. He is cautious around new people, but once relaxed he is right there with his brother greeting you at the door. At 4-years of of age the two boys are very energetic and playful. They have been raised as indoor cats only and have been fed a special veterinary diet, which they adore. They are looking for a new family that will have the time to share cuddles and playtime with them. Needless to say, they really really want to stay together. If you are in search of a double dose of love, give these boys a call! Meet them today at the Seattle Animal Shelter!
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Adoptable Pet of the Day! Senior dogs

Heres Toto, a 9 year old Yorkie, who is loving and playful and has a lot of great years ahead of her.
Senior dogs at Old Dog Haven, a sanctuary and a final refuge home for a lot of seniors from shelters and rescues over the Washington state.
Check out all dogs available for adoption at
All dogs get health checked and updated on vaccinations. Some of them with existing medical conditions need special homes and the medical expense gets covered by Old Dog Haven Rescue.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Adoptable Pet of the Day! Missy Missy and Zsa Zsa were brought to us by one of their owners. It was a very difficult decision for her to make. Her husband has Alzheimers and would not let the dogs out of his room. It was not a good situation. Missy was born on 10-10-05 and is a delightful little pom. She has been well loved throughout her life. She is not a nipper and loves to meet people. If you would like to adopt this adorable 6 year old please email a request for the adoption application and one will be emailed to you. Her adoption donation is $150.00.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bunnies take over the internet!

Its Easter Rabbit Adoptathon today!
Heres a bunch of bunnies at Rabbit Haven in Gig Harbor,WA

Check out all available bunnies here .
Rabbit Haven was founded in 1986 with the rescue of one special rabbit named Alice whose feet were being sold for $5 apiece. Since Alice came to live with Rabbit Haven founder Sue Brennan, over 1200 rabbits and other small animals have been welcomed through our doors. A few have stayed and become permanent residents, but most call Rabbit Haven home for only a short time before being adopted by loving families.
For the full story, please go to

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Puppy Mills, Volunteers and Adoptable Pet of the Day- Angel! Blog the Change Today!

If you aren't yet convinced about puppy mills, please do read Doreen's journey into the underbelly of the Puppy Mill industry.. The biggest ones are in Missouri.. Please do give the write up a few minutes and see the ways you can help!

These sweet creatures need our voice. Please Adopt! Do not buy from a pet store, back yard breeder or any website.. Those dogs will have come from one of the puppy producing farms of hell. That puppy in the window, with a bow and a yip.. has a story to tell.. a story which is not a fairy tale,.. a story told all too many times..

Here is my earlier post about Tuggie, one of my foster dogs who came from a puppy mill. This story has a happy ending. But a lot of other stories do not.
If you meet someone today who wants a dog, tell them about where the puppies come from and tell them about How to Adopt from your local shelters and rescues.

Heres the Adoptable pet of the day. Angel! in Woodinville,WA

Angel is an eight year-old cutie who is looking for a new home after being surrendered to an Eastern Washington shelter. She is initially very shy and timid, so she's looking for someone who is the nurturing type to help her feel safe and secure. She mainly just likes to be held, and at only 4 pounds she is very portable! She is deaf, but her lack of hearing doesn't bother at all. Angel is dog and cat friendly and she's looking for cozy adult only home. This little fuzz ball is waiting to climb up into your arms and love you forever. Come meet her!

Another topic close to my heart is Volunteering. Any few minutes from your busy day to do any small thing is always appreciated! Heres my earlier post on Volunteer opportunities in local shelters and rescues. Even if you can spend a few minutes on one of the weekends, dropping into the shelter to play with the dogs there, they will love you back.. 10 times more than what you can imagine! Heres the Seattle Animal shelter web cameras to see some of the adoptable animals!

You can also make a donation to the rescues, one of my favorites is Old Dog Haven . They have a senior dog sanctuary and provide hospice and final refuge homes to all the senior dogs left behind. Every Birthday, we sponsor one of the dogs living in hospice care.

Blog for the change today and lets all make a difference.. Click the badge below to find how you can join in!

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Wall of .....:):)

Me thinks, Google has a policy about people privacy and hence they obscure the faces, car licence plates or any other identification.. But, what about dogs?... Look at the below picture.. This one is from the street next to my house.. I know the dog and the owner.. but the dog doesnt know that now he is famous, as the one caught in the act right when a google maps car was passing by! :):)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Adoptable Pet of the Day! Cricket and Mr Wiggles and Bunny Adoptathon

Meet Cricket and Mr. Wiggles. Born to a stray female cat, these cuties are affected by a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH). Cerebellar Hypoplasia is a disorder found in cats and dogs in which the cerebellum is not completely mature at birth. The disorder causes jerky movements, tremors and generally uncoordinated motion. The animal often falls down and has trouble walking. Tremors increase when the animal is excited and subside when at ease. Kittens affected with CH lead an otherwise normal life and have the same life expectancy as a cat without the condition, however, these little ones need some extra guidance and help as they mature and get stronger.
Cricket and Mr. Wiggles rely heavily on each other both for companionship and balance. We consider them a bonded pair who must adopt together and live together always. They are very content to be in your arms or your lap or even in their bed together but like all kittens they also enjoy chasing fuzzy sparkle balls, crinkle balls and anything with a jingle bell. They will purr the minute you look at them and return your look with their sweet adoring eyes, completely trusting in your love and care.

This easter, adopt a bunny instead of buying one! Join All things Dog Blog on April 16 for Easter Rabbit Adoptathon. Find details here

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Adoptable Pet of the Day! Princess

Meet Princess - a little pup in a big adult dog body! At 70 pounds and three years old, she's very strong yet very sweet. She's goofy and silly, and loves playing with her squeeky ball - you can see her rolling in the grass with it in her photo. She can even catch it mid-air if you toss it to her. This girl is confident, athletic, and friendly. She loves her humans, but can be independent at times too. She will certainly benefit from training classes with her new family, and she's smart so will catch on quickly.

Princess is looking for a home with plenty of prior dog experience, and plenty of energy to keep up with her. She's good with some other dogs, and with kids at least 13 years old (due to her size). She's sure to keep you entertained and amused - and make a really great lifetime companion. Give Princess a castle she can call her own! Princess is at the Seattle Animal Shelter

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Adoptable Pet of the Day! Judd - a Purebred Lab Judd is a very sweet easy going purebred yellow Lab that was recently rescued from the shelter. He passed his temperament testing with flying colors and is great with other dogs, cats and kids and just your typical happy go lucky Lab boy. His adoption fee is $250 and he is neutered, vaccinated, wormed and microchipped.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Adoptable Pet of the Day! Olivia and Pepper

Easter is right here.. What better way to celebrate than to adopt some bunnies!

Olivia and Pepper are a bonded pair of Lionhead rabbits and must be adopted together. They are about 5 months old, independent and sweet. They really like pets and could use some gentle handling so they are comfortable being picked up. They are looking for an indoor home and would be ok with gentle kids, cats and dogs (supervised). Check their adoption details here
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Why should you Get a dog!

Some great reasons to get a dog!
  • Companionship - What better companion than a dog, who will always be by your side come rain or shine.
  • Stress relief - Dogs provide stress relief for all kinds of stress for all people/kids, all ages.
  • Exercise - dogs need exercise to channel their energy away from destructive behaviors. Come rain or shine, the dog has to go for a walk!
  • Unconditional love - whichever way you treat your dog, he will always have love for you. no judgement.
  • Companion for Children - Children who grow up with a loving pet, have better socialization, stress handling skills and empathy towards other people and animals. Dont get one because your children ask for a pet. They will soon leave for schools and their other interests. The dog will be your pet and your kids' friend.
  • Lessons of life - patience, compassion and responsibility. Caring for the dog and dealing with his training, bad habits, needs are the lessons in patience and responsibility you need to be a good and compassionate human being!
  • Joy! - whats better than a dog meeting you after work with the same enthusiasm, licks and love, day after day! everyday!
And if you do decide to get a dog.. ADOPT one from from local animal shelter or dog rescues around you.
You can find puppies and purebreds in rescues too, because people get dogs on a whim and a day/week/month later, dump them in a shelter or a rescue.

Please Adopt!! Dont Breed or Buy while shelter pets die!
6-8 million pets are euthanized each year in the US. Thats more than 20,000 per day.

For Adoptions in the US, please go to
You can search by breed, age, sex and distance from you.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why should you NOT get a dog... and the guard dog misconception

Please Do NOT get a dog if
  • You plan to make him into a guard dog by tying him to a one foot rope day and night
  • You expect him to guard your house from that 1 foot rope.
  • You plan to use whip, kick, hitting as your training methods
  • You can not afford to take him to a vet when he gets sick or injured.
  • You can not afford dog food, a dog house, heartworm and flea prevention, rabies and parvo vaccinations, spay or neuter.
  • You don't plan to keep him inside your home, play with him and give him love.
  • You dont plan to leash walk him twice a day or you don't have a secure fenced area.
  • You don't plan to socialize him to people and other pets and obedience train him, teach him good manners.
  • You plan to leave him outside without much attention or tied to a pole, forgotten as an old toy.
  • You are getting the dog just for your kids, as a fashion statement, or an impulse gift.
  • You plan to feed the dog whenever you feel like feeding him.
  • You think that the dog will learn each command within a minute and understand your each word.
  • You aren't committed to caring for him for his entire 10-15 year lifespan.
Please DO NOT get a dog for the above reasons.
Why you should get a dog, read here.
The part about guard dogs is especially true in India. I do not know why everyone thinks, that one, they need a guard dog, and two, the dog needs to be tied to a gate or a pole all day and night to be a guard dog.

A guard dog when used in day today terms is not a trained guard or attack dog. A guard dog as a domestic pet is just defined as a more protective dog. Some dog breeds are more protective about their owners and make great domestic guard dogs. They can alert the owners by barking or showing a little aggression towards strangers. These dogs can live as family dogs and fulfill their duty as a guard dog. Being tied to a gate, does not help them in any way. It just makes them frustrated and aggressive and is not good for the mental health of the dog. How do you suppose a dog tied to a gate will stop an intruder/thief??

A trained guard dog is trained professionally to attack or restrain intruders. These dogs need special training and the training usually uses a reward system, and does not use hitting or any negative reinforcement.

The recent deluge of news about people starving their dogs, or forgetting about them, or leaving them tied up all their life, called for a strong post. Dogs are living beings with feelings and needs like your own children. Please do not think of them as a toy or the current fashionable thing.
Please get a dog only if you think of him as your child, friend, family member.

Adoptable Pet of the Day! Frankie

This companion animals name is Frankie. Frankie is a gentle loving 7 year old fawn and black pug that wants to be with people and hang out. He loves everyone. He is a good sport about everything and does not know how to not be a persons buddy. He knows basic commands and is crate trained. He is good with dog loving cats and even likes bunny rabbits. He is a gentle soul. Frankie has some flaws. He will mark in the house if left alone so he must be crated. He like many pugs just never get the total house breaking thing. He is very willing to crate up so no big deal. He also is a fecal eater which is totally gross so we need him to go to a home with no other dogs or someone that scoops often. I know it sounds nasty but it is a common issue with dogs. We don't see an issue here unless he is in a yard that is not cleaned up as it should be. Frankie like many pugs is also heat sensitive and can not be out in the hot weather. He must have a fenced yard not exceptions. He is not perfect but he is super sweet and looks at his people with adoration that one can spend a lifetime looking for. We are seeking a home that will love him and adore home back .

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Adoptable Pet of the Day! Teddy and Bear

What lovebugs!! These little cuties are looking for a forever home together. Teddy and Bear are a well behaved, sweet, and lovable father/son team. Their living situation has changed and they need rehomed through no fault of their own. They are two and three years old with complete health histories. Teddy is 1/2 rat terrier and 1/2 pomeranian, and is the father of Bear who has a chihauhau mother. Teddy takes a medication daily that costs $8 per month. They get along well with other animals, love children, strangers, and like to play then are very mellow. They follow my 5 year old daughter everywhere! They love to go to the dog park! They are looking for a home where they will be loved and spoiled, and allowed to lounge on laps and furniture. They are used to sleeping on the bed, too! Application, references and $300 adoption fee for the pair.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Adoptable Pet of the Day! Figgy

I am Figgy looking for a warm lap. I am funny, social and a great companion. Adoption fee $325

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Adoptable Pet of the Day! Rufus and Little Bit! Chewie helps me choose today

Rufus and Little Bit are utterly, completely bonded and in love, so they must be adopted together. Theirs is a great love story like Bogart and Bacall, Superman and Lois Lane, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, these two were meant to be together. Both are friendly, affectionate and outgoing. They are gentle, playful and friendly. They enjoy cuddling together and grooming each other. They are a sweet, dynamic duo. With all that love to share, all this wonderful pair is missing is a place to call home.

Chewie in his reading glasses helping me choose the adoptable pets of the day!

And then later both of us will be watching the dogs, cats and some critters through the shelter cameras at Seattle Animal Shelter!

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