Thursday, March 17, 2011

Volunteer opportunities abound!

There are all sorts of volunteer opportunities at local shelters, rescues and Humane Societies !
Listed below are a few examples

  • Foster parents for dogs and cats. Give the dogs and cats stressed by the kennels a home
  • Weekend Foster parents. If you cannot be a full time foster parent, you ca be a weekend getaway for the ones who have been in the cages/kennels for too long. Even with volunteers around, the animals get only a few hours of human contact and have to deal with a lot of stressful energy of all animals around them.
  • Admissions Assistant: Assist our Admissions staff in the daily operation of the Admissions Department. Clean cages, feed animals, monitor the lost and found animal reports, restock supplies etc.
  • Boarding Reception
  • Grooming and exercising volunteers
  • Socialization volunteers: Spend and hour or 2 on the weekend to meet and greet with the dogs and socialize them. A socialized dog becomes less shy or aggressive and its adoptability rises exponentially
  • Dog Behavior: Volunteers provide exercise, mental stimulation, training and socialization to dogs available for adoption on a daily basis.
  • Jog-A-Dog
  • Small Animal Assistant
  • Photography and web maintenance.
  • Event Management: All rescues and shelters have adoption or fundraising events which need a lot of management help
  • Matchmakers and greeters
  • And many more!!
Seattle Animal Shelter Opps
Seattle Humane Society Opps
All rescues in Seattle
Weekend foster is currently available at the Seattle Humane Society and k9 Rescue and Rehab

Just head to a shelter near you and they will find something you can do!!

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