Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tuggie - A Puppy mill dog

Many of you met Tuggie, our third foster dog last year. He came from a small puppy mill, he was 7 months old. He had a bad stink and we couldnt bathe him because he had just has his neuter surgery. He was skinny and starved with a bad coat. And he had no emotions when you looked into his eyes.

He pooped in my jacket pocket , because he was super stressed when we picked him up. (That was my wool jacket which needed a replacement by a vegan jacket anyway.. good for him and good for me! and off it went after wash to the thrift store!) There are lot more things that he did which we had to train him on. He probably never had any human contact. All the daily carpet cleaning brought out the understanding of what is really important.. The material things, can be cleaned and changed.. But this tiny little soul, needed heeling..

Before picture..all skinny, scared and soulless eyes.. 3 weeks later.. see for yourself!

It took him more than 2 weeks to just start showing any emotions. He was scared of stairs and elevators. He didnt respond to love and he was perennially hungry. You cannot begin to imagine how his life would have been for those 7 months. There were other older dogs also rescued from the same puppy mill. They had infections, tumors and other problems. Tuggie had the overbite because of excessive inbreeding. It took him 3 weeks to figure out that the toys and balls were something to play with and there is something called play and fun...

He put on some weight.. started figuring out where to do his business by following chewie and started wagging his tail a little. Yes he hardly wagged his tail for almost 3 weeks. Once he started wagging his tail, he got adopted. No one wanted a scared, non responsive dog!. This was a smaller puppy mill and 3 weeks a relatively great recovery time. Some of these abused dogs take months and years of constant love and care!

Please do not buy a pet from anywhere! Adopt! There is no other answer to eliminating such puppy mills!

I shouldnt have to share the horror stories, pictures and videos at this point about what happens to dogs in puppy mills(The horrible factory farms for dogs and cats and all pet animals which end up in pet stores, or sold on Craiglist, ebay and such)

I had to write about Tuggie and puppy mills now because The puppy mill reforms ushered in by Missouri’s Proposition B—arguably last year’s most significant legislative victory for America’s dogs—are in serious peril. Several state-level senators and representatives have made good on their promises to attempt to water down Prop B or repeal it entirely. There are 3000 puppy mills just n the state of Missouri, and this reform will have a national effect!

Please write to the senators to express their opposition to SB 113 and any effort to weaken or repeal the PMCPA.
To read more on how you can help read

If you'd like more information about puppy mills and why they are absolutely wrong, please read http://www.humanesociety.o

rg/issues/puppy_mills/ or the aspca link

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