Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pet of the day! Shirley

http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/18262583 Shirley is a typical kitten--completely adorable. Also playful and adventurous and curious and active. Occasionally destructive, skittish, and/or aloof. But always adorable. And kittens are high maintenance, as are most baby creatures.

A kittens day is divided into nearly equal thirds: one third of the day for playing, one third for eating, one third for sleeping. Cuddling with a human is part of the sleeping third. In other words, cuddling is pretty low on a kittens list of priorities until it is older and can more fully appreciate your warm lap and the opposable thumbs that allow you to open those cans of tasty cat food.

Like all MEOW kittens under six months, Shirley will need to go to a home with at least one other cat or kitten young enough to want to help her/him learn behavior boundaries and good cat manners. If you already have a cat who you think will be a suitable companion, please bring the cat's most recent health report from your veterinarian. If you need to adopt a companion for Shirley, MEOW has many to choose from!

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