Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pet of the day! Fondue
Fondue expresses so much with her adorable ears. When she's excited, they perk right up. When she's feeling a bit shy, down they go. This pretty, spirited and good-natured girl is as cute as her name, and while she can be on the sensitive side, just show her a little love and affection and she eagerly responds in kind. She's a young adult at three years old, and weighs in at 50 pounds. Fondue will make a wonderful companion whether you're feeling athletic (jogging and hiking) or not so athletic (walking and snuggling). She enjoys her fellow canines, but because she has a tendency toward exuberance during playtime, she would benefit with some additional training. She could also use a boost in the confidence department and would do best in an active, dog experienced household (teens and older, please). Don't miss out on the chance to meet this sweet girl and give her ears a good scritching. You won't be able to resist saying "awwwwww". If you don't have bully breed experience, please do some research before inquiring about this wonderful dog. Some great resources include Pit Bull Rescue Central ( and Bad Rap ( Please note that Pit Bulls do best as either an only dog, or, with a compatible dog of the opposite sex, in the home.

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