Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pet of the day! Disco Disco is not only cute as can be, she's a fun-loving girl who adores people. She's a medium sized pit bull mix with beautiful tuxedo markings. She likes playing with other dogs and takes readily to training. She's quickly learned sit, down, and time-for-bed. Her favorite toy is a tennis ball, and if you throw it for her, she'll run-and-hop along to chase down the ball -- adorable! A pitti, oh my , so scary.. not!!

While there are times she has puppy bursts of energy, she also loves to curl up on her bed to take a nap. She loves to carry stuffed animals and bring them to you - she doesn't tear them up. She also carries her stuffed animals into her crate where she sleeps quietly through the night. Like most doggies that are bigger than they think they are, your lap is also a great place for a snooze. Her foster family describes her as the sweetest little girl and while she's quite interested in the resident guinea pigs, she's learned to ignore her fellow furries. Disco would love to continue learning good manners and doggie play skills - so come meet her today and offer her a fantastic forever home.

HOW TO ADOPT - Please fill out a Dog Adoption Application, available at and email it to the Seattle Animal Shelter Foster Dog Program You may also fax it to 206-386-4285.

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