Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hector - A Therapy pit's story

Some excerpts from the above article-
All the dog fighting dogs from Vick's dog fighting ring were called to be euthanize, but look where they all are now.
BAD RAP, one of the rescue organizations involved in helping to save these dogs, chose to take a different stance and see these dogs as individuals rather than label them all as vicious "kennel trash." They helped temperament test each dog, and Hector passed with flying colors.

Hector is a shining example of why dogs rescued from dog-fighting rings deserve to be judged individually and deserve a chance at a normal family life. He has passed his Canine Good Citizen test and is now a certified therapy dog.
You can keep up-to-date on all that is going on with Hector (and Wallace) on their very own website.

And read more stories of the other Vicks dogs here

Hector is so full of love and kindness, that it is hard to believe that he was forced into being a fighting dog. Now he spreads the love and hope of life after abuse.
Three cheers and a big hug to Hector!

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