Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chewie learns to roll over

Chewie learnt to roll over sometime last year.
We broke it down to learning "down" to lay down, "side" to turn on the side and then "roll-over" to completely roll over. Chewie is not a submissive dog, so he does not like to be on his side or stay on his back for long. He learnt "down" within a few days and the side and roll over took a few weeks. For both, I had to use my hands to put him in that position, say "wait" to keep him there and then reward him. Slowly he started doing it with a slight touch and then hand signals or verbal command. Here's video of my mom making him roll over again and again.! and trying to teach him to crawl in the end with "crawl". Chewie's fb page and musings

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