Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Adoptable Pet of the Day! Selena

My name is Selena and I am a Chow Chow. Did you know that Chow Chows are also called, "puffy-lion dogs"? I guess that's because we have dense, fluffy coats and lion sized hearts. We are loyal to our families and are very protective of them. The folks at the shelter think I am very beautiful and I actually really liked it when they petted me and commented on my awesome, purple tongue. There is a Chinese legend about how we got our purple tongues. When God was painting the sky , He spilled a few drops of paint as he worked. The Chow Chow followed after, licking up the paint and from that day on, the Chow Chow has had a purple tongue! Isn't that cool? But don't let my interesting family history and good looks fool you, I'm the whole package; smart, independent, and sweet. I had a kind of rough, David Copperfield type of upbringing, so I didn't get a great early start. I didn't have anyone to take me on walks, or teach me cool things like sit, down or how to walk on a leash without pulling. But since I've been here, I discovered nice people and an amazing food called CHEESE! I love cheese! I bet I will learn all kinds of things in no time at all if you give me some CHEESE! I can't wait to find a forever home with someone who knows about the unique personality of Chow Chows, will be a dedicated trainer and give me the TLC that a puffy-lion dog such as myself so greatly deserves.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Adoptable Pet of the Day! Dugan

Dugan is a white and tan male American Pitbull Terrier and American Bulldog mix seeking a new forever home. He was found on the Keyport Highway and brought to the shelter as a stray on 3/13/2011. He is approximately 5 years old, has been neutered, and already has a microchip, so he can go home with you today! Dugan loves going for walks and is working on his leash skills. He is a very happy, friendly guy who likes all outdoor activities, especially if you along for the fun. He arrived with an injury to his tail, but is healing nicely and would love to go home. Please ask to take Dugan to the exercise yard and see if he is the right dog for your family. His petfinder page .He is at the Kitsap Humane Society

Monday, March 28, 2011

Greyhound rescues serving the Northwest

Greyhounds are generally bred by professional breeders who look for speed, endurance and even temperament. Most are bred on "farms" located throughout the country where the breeders pay close attention to the physical soundness and emotional disposition of the puppies. As a result, hereditary physical and temperament problems have been avoided in the breed.

For the first year of their lives Greyhound puppies live together with their litter mates and are handled frequently by the breeders and other staff associated with the breeding "farm," but they are not exposed to other breeds of dogs. Consequently, they are surprisingly socialized to people and strangers but not to other breeds of dog.

Greyhound racing however is a cruel sport with greyhounds brought up on farms in tiny kennels and taken out just for racing and destroyed when retired for old age or injuries. Greyhound racing is now illegal in most states and the closure of greyhound tracks lead to a good number of greyhounds available in rescues. Also, greyhound specific rescues, rescue the retired greyhounds from still existing race tracks to give them a better life.

Greyhounds are intelligent and sweet and make great house pets. Do give them a chance!

Read more about grey hounds here
Some Greyhound rescues in the Northwest

Greyhound Pets Inc.
Moira Corrigan
PO Box 891
Woodinville, WA 98072


Greyhound Pets of America - Puget Sound
Elizabeth Dingler
2310 Hoyt Avenue
Everett, WA 98201


Greyhound Pets of America / Emerald Pacific
2902 Old Military Road East
Tacoma, WA 98445


Greyhound Pets of America Greater Northwest


Complete listing of Greyhound rescues in the Northwest

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Adoptable Pet of the Day! Buddy Buddy is the cutest puppy ever. He came to us listed as a Chow, but that's questionable because he's too small. He was very afraid, and we have been working with him to help him gain confidence. He is already beginning to trust people, but would do best in a quiet home without small children. He loves to play with other dogs.

Buddy had nerve damage in his front leg which had to be amputated. He is already more comfortable and relaxed without the leg giving him problems. (One leg amputation rarely slows a dog down for long. Take a look at for more information.)

And a guilty dog video for a fun Saturday !

Dont forget to check out Chewie, our resident fluffster's musing at his fb page

This is Saturday blog hop!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Adoptable Pet of the Day! Mr Higgins Meet Mr. Higgins - a handsome nine year old just lookin' for love. He finds himself at the shelter because sadly, his human passed away. Though he can be shy at first, he's really friendly, outgoing and affectionate. And like most cats he has his independent side as well. He's looking for a calm, quiet, mature, adults only, cat-experienced home where he can be king of the castle - he'd like to be your only pet. And since he's been declawed he needs an indoor only home please. Mr Higgins is so excited to start his new life!

This wonderful cat qualifies for the Seniors for Seniors program: senior citizens or disabled adults with a 'Gold Card for Healthy Aging', or a 'FLASH' card, issued by the City of Seattle, may adopt an older cat (at least six years old) at a special price. There will be no fee for the adoption itself, and the licensing fee will be half-price!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chewie learns to roll over

Chewie learnt to roll over sometime last year.
We broke it down to learning "down" to lay down, "side" to turn on the side and then "roll-over" to completely roll over. Chewie is not a submissive dog, so he does not like to be on his side or stay on his back for long. He learnt "down" within a few days and the side and roll over took a few weeks. For both, I had to use my hands to put him in that position, say "wait" to keep him there and then reward him. Slowly he started doing it with a slight touch and then hand signals or verbal command. Here's video of my mom making him roll over again and again.! and trying to teach him to crawl in the end with "crawl". Chewie's fb page and musings

Adoptable Pet of the Day! Trixie and all Large dogs at Tacoma Humane Society

Trixie a 2 year old Lab mix
All large dogs at The Humane Society for Tacoma and Peirce county all looking for forever homes. Large dogs have a very low adoption rate. Spread the word to help with their adoption.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Adoptable Pet of the Day! Cats at the Seattle Animal Shelter

See the complete listing below with pictures and details about their age, personality and such.

So many breeds, ages, personalities.. 37 ccats and kittens at the Seattle Animal Shelter

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Adoptable Pet of the Day! Christie and Bella I am Christie - and as you can see I'm super cute - actually, quite beautiful! And you know what? My sister Bella is here at the shelter too, and she looks just like me. (Here's Bella.) We think it would be swell if we could be adopted together - wouldn't it be fun to have twins? (We could go seperately . . . . but are hoping to stay together.) We're four years old and are both a bit sensitive and shy. We're also calm, easy to handle, gentle and cooperative, and we'd be great as your very first dogs. We like looking our best, and will require regular grooming. We're ok with some other dogs, but we really prefer each other and especially humans! Cats are ok with supervision. Our ideal home will be zen calm, and any children should be at least 13 years old. So if you'd like two great little new friends - come on down to the shelter!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Guide/Service/Assistance dogs

Service dogs are one of the best gifts you could give someone.. A mobility dog, seizure alert dog, blind service dog and many others.
Most service dogs start of as puppies placed in foster homes till they are old enough to begin advanced training. They remain in foster care usually for about a year where they can have a loving puppy life as well learn some basic obedience.

It is one of the more difficult foster jobs, because you have to give up the puppy for training and placement with potential candidates. If the dog retires from its job as service dog ( after 8-10 years)and the owner cannot keep the dog, then you get the option of adopting him back for his senior years.

Here are the options in Seattle

Guide dogs in Seattle

From the page about raising a puppy to be a guide dog, to get an idea of the responsibilities of raising the puppy.

Steps to take:

  1. Attend 8-10 meetings, functions, outings, or puppy handling sessions.
  2. Read the Puppy Raising Manual.
  3. All family members must show a willingness to learn GDB puppy training techniques and be willing to participate in club activities.
  4. Fill out all required paperwork for GDB volunteers--

    a. Puppy Raising Volunteer Application
    b. Puppy Placement Questionnaire
    c. Participant Consent and Release Form
    d. Agreement to Terms of Service

  5. Have a house and yard check by your group leaders—

    a. Entire family to be present for the house/yard check, including pets
    b. Have a safe, fenced yard or dog run for when puppy is outside, with a height of at least 5 feet, or request an exemption and be willing to have the puppy on a leash when outside at all times (approved on a case-by-case basis).
  6. Puppy-sit for another group member’s puppy.

Things to remember:
  • The puppy that you will be raising is a guest in your home and is the property of GDB.
  • It is the responsibility of our club to prepare the pups for their return to GDB.
  • Everyone in GPS will work together and support each other to ensure that you and the puppy have a successful experience.

There are a lot of such organizations all over. You can search for particular type of assistance dogs(mobility, autism, particular disability and more), in your area. Some other links
And lots more

Adoptable Pet of the Day! Charlie Charlie is a 9-year-old Shih Tzu/Peke-a-Pom mix, 13 pounds of very cute little dog who is about to lose his home due to divorce. He has lived as an only dog and with others, and is used to staying alone during the workday. He loves walks and play but also likes to just cuddle. He loves cats and is fine on a leash. Little Charlie is an adventurous sortwho will wander or climb fences if bored, so needs a very secure fence or a leash. He's very intelligent and picks things up quickly - he yowls with a whispered voice, paws the air with his paws together, and has especially soulful expressive eyes. This adorable dog needs a home quickly and looks forward to fun and snuggling with a special someone.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Adoptable Pet of the Day! Roxy Roxy is a large, loving adult Rottweiler who's everything a Rottweiler should be. She's just a big lap dog who loves to cuddle with her people. She'll enjoy leisurely walks with her new family, snuggling on the couch and hanging out, being her big loving self. She even liked getting a bath with the shelter volunteers - one more way for her to get snuggles. Roxy is good with other dogs and would be great as your very first dog. And did we mention how smart she is? She knows sit, down, stay and shake! Due to her size, Roxy will do best with children at least six years old. Who can resist her smiling face and twinkling eyes? She is at the Seattle Animal Shelter

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Adoptable Pet of the Day! Arthur Poor Arthur hasn't had an easy life so far - he's had to fend for himself for a while and would enjoy living in a cat experienced home where he could adjust on his own time. Arthur is shy and cautious at first, but is very sweet once he warms up. He's got a handsome face and exotic markings, with a little grooming and some TLC, he'll look like a million bucks! He's a little bit nervous in the shelter surroundings, but is sure to relax and be a great pet in a loving home. Do you have the right home for a lovely cat like Arthur?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Adoptable Pet of the Day! Wolfie Wolfie is a beautiful Pomeranian. His coloring is so unique he will surely get lots of attention! He looks like a little fox! Wolfie was injured as a little pup and had a fractured pelvis. It has healed but has a slight tilt so he walks with a gimp in his step. He needs no other care just short walks and a yard to play in. He likes to be with his person and will stand on his hind legs to get your attention or to get a treat. He's very smart and easily learns tricks and commands. He is fine with other dogs but would prefer a dog companion his size. This little boy is one year in age and just a doll. Adoption donation: $275

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Volunteer opportunities abound!

There are all sorts of volunteer opportunities at local shelters, rescues and Humane Societies !
Listed below are a few examples

  • Foster parents for dogs and cats. Give the dogs and cats stressed by the kennels a home
  • Weekend Foster parents. If you cannot be a full time foster parent, you ca be a weekend getaway for the ones who have been in the cages/kennels for too long. Even with volunteers around, the animals get only a few hours of human contact and have to deal with a lot of stressful energy of all animals around them.
  • Admissions Assistant: Assist our Admissions staff in the daily operation of the Admissions Department. Clean cages, feed animals, monitor the lost and found animal reports, restock supplies etc.
  • Boarding Reception
  • Grooming and exercising volunteers
  • Socialization volunteers: Spend and hour or 2 on the weekend to meet and greet with the dogs and socialize them. A socialized dog becomes less shy or aggressive and its adoptability rises exponentially
  • Dog Behavior: Volunteers provide exercise, mental stimulation, training and socialization to dogs available for adoption on a daily basis.
  • Jog-A-Dog
  • Small Animal Assistant
  • Photography and web maintenance.
  • Event Management: All rescues and shelters have adoption or fundraising events which need a lot of management help
  • Matchmakers and greeters
  • And many more!!
Seattle Animal Shelter Opps
Seattle Humane Society Opps
All rescues in Seattle
Weekend foster is currently available at the Seattle Humane Society and k9 Rescue and Rehab

Just head to a shelter near you and they will find something you can do!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pet of the day! Lexy Every day is a day to adopt!! Lexy is a friendly, fluffy lady. As you can see, her tongue is just sits like that most of the time. She doesn't mean anything by it. People usually think it's cute so hopefully you will too. She has quite a distinctive face with the tongue, her slightly crossed blue eyes, her collar of fur & her fluffiness. She loves to be brushed which is good since her fur is long. As you can see in her video, she loves to have her belly rubbed and will "invite" you to do so. She has really cool paws! They are big & her fur makes them look bigger. She is about 10 years old and still has plenty of energy, loves to play with toy mice! Lexy has had a thorough vet exam and is in excellent health. She is very friendly and enjoys being close to her people. She will do best in a quiet adult home (older kids may be OK - she just isn't used to little ones and is a bit afraid of them). Although she's lived successfully with other cats, she has been rather bossy with the cats in her foster home, so will probably do best as the only cat in the home. She has excellent scratching post and litter box habits. Call the foster voice mail line at 206-684-0685 to learn how to meet Lexy.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Its the day to Adopt! Chica and Chewie

Chewie, our resident mobster..

I found Chewie on after a couple of months of everyday search!Because of my limitations, I wanted and adult, calm and mostly house trained dog, who was also fun to be with! And look what I found one day! One smarty pants, active, was housetrained but forgot all about it, and attention demanding fluffy hairy cuteness!
I have to look for his picture on petfinder which made me go visit him. I have it backed up somewhere..
Chewie is not the typical lap dog and doesnt like over cuddling. He however loves people and will stick with you for the petting and massaging till your fingers fall out.

When we went to meet him. He was a bit anxious, but he still wanted a lot of petting. He met us with a wagging tail, some licks and a smile!. Vivek took him for a a short walk and a run to see how he does on the leash, and he walked really well on the leash. Since my balance was quite unpredictable those days, I couldn't adopt a dog which could pull me here and there!. Well Chewie was the one! He did not pull and he was a measly 6.6 pounds then.. Of course now is a different and fatter story(10.5 lbs).. He is the cutest, cuddliest, and softest attraction of the house! Hugs and kisses to Chew!

Also, presenting Chica, a pit mix sweet girl, looking for a forever family at the Seattle Animal Shelter!

Hello, my name is Chica. I'll tell you about all myself in just a moment, but first I have a small favor to ask of you. Would you please consider making me your forever dog? I'll be a wonderful addition to any home and most especially yours. Let me tell you why - I'm a two year old female pit bull terrier mix, which makes me a teenager. Like most teenagers, I would benefit from some structure in my life. I'm very friendly, outgoing and athletic, and am also friendly to other dogs, as well as being enthusiastic and confident. Perhaps I could become Miss Congeniality (assuming there's a canine version of that pageant!). You know teenagers, we think we know everything - but there's always more to learn. Plus, training is a great way for us to bond (hey - even though I'm a teenager I'm not too cool for school!). While I do know the basics - 'sit', 'stay', 'drop' and 'down' - I'm still working on 'shake'. I'm not certain whether I should offer my paw, or a malt! With proper motivation, I know I can learn even more great stuff. In my case, that motivation comes in boxes and bags containing treats. I love them and am very interested in doing whatever it takes to get a reward. Another nice habit I have is behaving while I'm being dried off after being in the rain. (I have not mastered using an umbrella yet, maybe you could teach me). Oh, and by the way, I'm very well behaved on a leash. I am somewhat fussy about where I live, as I know you must be. Let me assure you I'm very easy to groom with my short coat. Residential 'must haves' on my list include a feline free zone (cats are not my gig), no children under the age of 13 please, and copious amounts of treats. Let's talk cars for a moment. I love riding in the car but, I prefer not to be the designated driver since canines aren't issued licenses in this state . . . . ! Finally, for those of you who would like to adopt me, but are hesitant because you work all day, don't be concerned. I'm fine on my own for extended periods of time and frequently spend my afternoons watching Judge Judy or reading old copies of People magazine. Click here to see more pictures of me!

Today is Petfinder's Adopt the Internet Day ! Find more information about it here and get your own blog hop! Let us Adopt the Net!!

Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day

Adopt the Internet Today!!

Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day

Help Petfinder Adopt the Internet!

What It's All About
In honor of our 15th birthday, Petfinder is asking people everywhere to pledge to spread the word online about adoptable pets today, March 15, 2011.

What You Can Do Now

  • Add a badge (below) to your Web site to show your support.
  • Take our pledge that you will tell one person about pet adoption. By pledging, you'll enter for a chance to win one of 10 Pet Hair Eraser® Vacuums from BISSELL.
  • Donate your Facebook status and photo to an adoptable Petfinder pet. Simply replace your photo with one from the Adopt-the-Internet All-Stars gallery and post one of these messages:
    • More than 320,000 pets are waiting for homes on Help Petfinder Adopt the Internet today and find forever homes for as many as possible!
    • I adopted my pet from Petfinder and now I want to help get this pet adopted! If you want to help pets in need of forever homes, please repost this!
  • Share an adoptable Petfinder pet on Twitter with the hashtag #adopttheinternet.
  • Add a link to your blog, Facebook or Twitter post to this page!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pet of the day! Fondue
Fondue expresses so much with her adorable ears. When she's excited, they perk right up. When she's feeling a bit shy, down they go. This pretty, spirited and good-natured girl is as cute as her name, and while she can be on the sensitive side, just show her a little love and affection and she eagerly responds in kind. She's a young adult at three years old, and weighs in at 50 pounds. Fondue will make a wonderful companion whether you're feeling athletic (jogging and hiking) or not so athletic (walking and snuggling). She enjoys her fellow canines, but because she has a tendency toward exuberance during playtime, she would benefit with some additional training. She could also use a boost in the confidence department and would do best in an active, dog experienced household (teens and older, please). Don't miss out on the chance to meet this sweet girl and give her ears a good scritching. You won't be able to resist saying "awwwwww". If you don't have bully breed experience, please do some research before inquiring about this wonderful dog. Some great resources include Pit Bull Rescue Central ( and Bad Rap ( Please note that Pit Bulls do best as either an only dog, or, with a compatible dog of the opposite sex, in the home.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Pet of the day! Pikachou and June Pikachou, a dwarf hamster, is young and energetic. Like all dwarf hamsters, Pikachou is nocturnal. He sleeps during the day and is active at night. Dwarf hamsters are fun pets to watch while they run on their exercise wheels, stash food in their cheek pockets, and explore their cage doing hamster things. Because Pikachou is so young, he may benefit from additional socialization. Hamsters do best when kept separate from other hamsters. June is as sweet as she is gorgeous. She really likes head pets, and will sometimes hang out in your lap. She does need a rabbit savvy, indoor-only home as she is active and independent. She'd love to be adopted with a mellow nuetered male bunny she can boss around! She'll be a great companion for some lucky folks! Both are at the Seattle Animal Shelter !

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tuggie - A Puppy mill dog

Many of you met Tuggie, our third foster dog last year. He came from a small puppy mill, he was 7 months old. He had a bad stink and we couldnt bathe him because he had just has his neuter surgery. He was skinny and starved with a bad coat. And he had no emotions when you looked into his eyes.

He pooped in my jacket pocket , because he was super stressed when we picked him up. (That was my wool jacket which needed a replacement by a vegan jacket anyway.. good for him and good for me! and off it went after wash to the thrift store!) There are lot more things that he did which we had to train him on. He probably never had any human contact. All the daily carpet cleaning brought out the understanding of what is really important.. The material things, can be cleaned and changed.. But this tiny little soul, needed heeling..

Before picture..all skinny, scared and soulless eyes.. 3 weeks later.. see for yourself!

It took him more than 2 weeks to just start showing any emotions. He was scared of stairs and elevators. He didnt respond to love and he was perennially hungry. You cannot begin to imagine how his life would have been for those 7 months. There were other older dogs also rescued from the same puppy mill. They had infections, tumors and other problems. Tuggie had the overbite because of excessive inbreeding. It took him 3 weeks to figure out that the toys and balls were something to play with and there is something called play and fun...

He put on some weight.. started figuring out where to do his business by following chewie and started wagging his tail a little. Yes he hardly wagged his tail for almost 3 weeks. Once he started wagging his tail, he got adopted. No one wanted a scared, non responsive dog!. This was a smaller puppy mill and 3 weeks a relatively great recovery time. Some of these abused dogs take months and years of constant love and care!

Please do not buy a pet from anywhere! Adopt! There is no other answer to eliminating such puppy mills!

I shouldnt have to share the horror stories, pictures and videos at this point about what happens to dogs in puppy mills(The horrible factory farms for dogs and cats and all pet animals which end up in pet stores, or sold on Craiglist, ebay and such)

I had to write about Tuggie and puppy mills now because The puppy mill reforms ushered in by Missouri’s Proposition B—arguably last year’s most significant legislative victory for America’s dogs—are in serious peril. Several state-level senators and representatives have made good on their promises to attempt to water down Prop B or repeal it entirely. There are 3000 puppy mills just n the state of Missouri, and this reform will have a national effect!

Please write to the senators to express their opposition to SB 113 and any effort to weaken or repeal the PMCPA.
To read more on how you can help read

If you'd like more information about puppy mills and why they are absolutely wrong, please read http://www.humanesociety.o

rg/issues/puppy_mills/ or the aspca link

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pet of the day! Bobby - Needs foster or forever home Bobby is a handsome 4yo boy and weighs 35-40 lbs, the perfect size for a family. He is very sweet, calm, and gentle. He spent much of his life in a hoarding situation with little human contact. Sadly, he is still there, and he needs a foster home so we can get him out of there. This dog has such a lovely, even temperament, considering his history its really amazing. He is unsure of people at first, but warms up to you once he knows that you are a friend. He is very timid with men, so Bobby would do best with a female(s) or a guy who is gentle, patient, and willing to work with him. He is good with other dogs, but not sure about cats. No kids under 5 yrs, he hasnt been around kids before and fast movements can scare him. Will you help this lovely boy by giving him a foster home or forever home? He is such a sweetheart and deserves a second chance.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pet of the day! Shirley Shirley is a typical kitten--completely adorable. Also playful and adventurous and curious and active. Occasionally destructive, skittish, and/or aloof. But always adorable. And kittens are high maintenance, as are most baby creatures.

A kittens day is divided into nearly equal thirds: one third of the day for playing, one third for eating, one third for sleeping. Cuddling with a human is part of the sleeping third. In other words, cuddling is pretty low on a kittens list of priorities until it is older and can more fully appreciate your warm lap and the opposable thumbs that allow you to open those cans of tasty cat food.

Like all MEOW kittens under six months, Shirley will need to go to a home with at least one other cat or kitten young enough to want to help her/him learn behavior boundaries and good cat manners. If you already have a cat who you think will be a suitable companion, please bring the cat's most recent health report from your veterinarian. If you need to adopt a companion for Shirley, MEOW has many to choose from!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pet of the day! Chloe Chloe is about 22 lbs and needs a diet, she is very sweet and wants to be with her human. She probably wouldn't do well in a home alone, and she will howl because she is lonely. She was raised in a household with three children and another dog, so she likes her "peeps" around. She is very sweet and gentle, and well behaved, great in a car, and justs in general a great dog. She is about 4 yrs old. We require a fenced yard, no invisible fences, no apartments and no children under 7 yrs old. No second dog over 40 lbs. Our adoption cost for this dog is $300. If you are interested in this Westie, please go to and fill out an adoption application

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hector - A Therapy pit's story

Some excerpts from the above article-
All the dog fighting dogs from Vick's dog fighting ring were called to be euthanize, but look where they all are now.
BAD RAP, one of the rescue organizations involved in helping to save these dogs, chose to take a different stance and see these dogs as individuals rather than label them all as vicious "kennel trash." They helped temperament test each dog, and Hector passed with flying colors.

Hector is a shining example of why dogs rescued from dog-fighting rings deserve to be judged individually and deserve a chance at a normal family life. He has passed his Canine Good Citizen test and is now a certified therapy dog.
You can keep up-to-date on all that is going on with Hector (and Wallace) on their very own website.

And read more stories of the other Vicks dogs here

Hector is so full of love and kindness, that it is hard to believe that he was forced into being a fighting dog. Now he spreads the love and hope of life after abuse.
Three cheers and a big hug to Hector!

Pet of the day! Disco Disco is not only cute as can be, she's a fun-loving girl who adores people. She's a medium sized pit bull mix with beautiful tuxedo markings. She likes playing with other dogs and takes readily to training. She's quickly learned sit, down, and time-for-bed. Her favorite toy is a tennis ball, and if you throw it for her, she'll run-and-hop along to chase down the ball -- adorable! A pitti, oh my , so scary.. not!!

While there are times she has puppy bursts of energy, she also loves to curl up on her bed to take a nap. She loves to carry stuffed animals and bring them to you - she doesn't tear them up. She also carries her stuffed animals into her crate where she sleeps quietly through the night. Like most doggies that are bigger than they think they are, your lap is also a great place for a snooze. Her foster family describes her as the sweetest little girl and while she's quite interested in the resident guinea pigs, she's learned to ignore her fellow furries. Disco would love to continue learning good manners and doggie play skills - so come meet her today and offer her a fantastic forever home.

HOW TO ADOPT - Please fill out a Dog Adoption Application, available at and email it to the Seattle Animal Shelter Foster Dog Program You may also fax it to 206-386-4285.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pet of the day! Fifi and Moe Fifi and Moe recently came to Seattle Animal Shetler because their people moved to Mexico and they didn't want to move. They like it here in Seattle. The weather is so much cooler here. Fifi and Moe are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. They are fuzzy lops and will require grooming to keep their fur nice and neet. Rabbits are great house pets and require a litter box, some toys, hay, fresh vegetables and some pellet food. They will entertain you constantly with their silly bunny dances. They have a language all their own, like bunny hops, kicks, grunts and nudges. Rabbits like to be petted gently on their heads and most like to be gently brushed. There is a very low fee to adopt a rabbit from the shelter, but you are expected to make a lifetime commitment to your bunny. The primary caregiver must be a responsible adult. Your rabbit should be treated as an integral part of the family. With good care and lots of love, rabbits can live to be 7-10 years old.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pet of the day! Puggable Puggable Age: 3 years Sex: Female Color: Fawn Puggable has a congenital condition called mega-esophagus which makes it hard for her to eat kibble. Food tends to get retained in her esophagus and she spits it up later. When fed soft canned food from an elevated dish 2 or 3 times a day she has done well. She is otherwise in great health and looking for someone who will love her and be able to accommodate her modest needs. Her previous owner was facing serious health issues and was unable to continue caring for her. Puggable is housebroken and good with other dogs. Adoption fee: $150
There are a bunch more pugs at Seattle Pug Rescue, check them out

Multiple dogs in the house!

Here is a great post to get your started on managing multiple dogs

Disciplining the dogs through feeding on All things dog blog is a must read especially if you are a dog foster parent and have new dogs coming into an existing stable house and leaving.

It is really important to establish the humans in the house as pack leader to avoid fights and general instability and inconsistencies. Your existing pets also have to go through the cycle of change, with every new foster dog, and making some rules and sticking to them makes it easy on both you and the dogs in the household.

Check the above links out for some great tips!