Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why foster

Because if you do
  • The cuddly little scared thing waiting in some kennel at a shelter somewhere will get a chance to live in a warm home and a chance at adoption.
  • The little thing who is scheduled to get that injection which will suck the life out of him, will get another chance to find someone who he can call home
  • The scared and confused thing will be calmer and happier, and will give you and everyone he meets, all the love back and hence be more adoptable than the scared and snappy one he is at the shelter
Fostering is NOT difficult. A crate, food and toys, and some time from the daily schedule and some love is all that is needed. You can foster for as little as 2 weeks in a year to all the 52 weeks. After fostering once, you realize that it does not really affect the daily routine much.

I know foster parents who have fostered 100s of dogs. It has become a part of their life and it is difficult to imagine a schedule without a foster dog in it!. Foster parents become a bridge between the adopters and the dog. That dog might end up spending a good part of its life in a kennel, because the family who wants to adopt a dog like him might not know that he exists. The dog might be put to sleep because of a simple reason like lack of space in the shelter, even though the right family is waiting out there somewhere.

For example, there are a lot of small dogs in California Shelters and the kill rate is as high as 80%. By a lot I mean 5000 at just one shelter.
A lot of the small dogs are chihuahuas. That's because everyone in and around Hollywood wants a chi. So there is always a chi explosion in all California shelters. But in this state, we have more of bigger dogs in shelters and the smaller dogs usually get adopted within days. The smaller dog also have higher adoption fees, to help support the big ones. There is always a demand for small dogs and families who dont find one in shelters or rescues end up buying puppies from bad breeders or pet stores!.

With more and more rescues transporting pets around the nation to help reduce the kill rates and meet demands, there is a constant need for foster homes. If you have a spare room, or a garage and a yard and a few hours a day to care and share your love, give fostering a try!. The unconditional love you will get from those lost eyes will be all worth it!

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