Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pet of the day! Uncle Burt This sweetie's name is Uncle Burt. We are working on getting Burt ready for adoption. We would consider this dog as available to the right match that will help with his recovery from surgery on his knee when funds are raised in his behalf. At this time Burt is in need of sponsors to make that dream of a forever home possible. Uncle Burt has earned his name at R.E.D. because of his love for puppies. He is so happy to show little ones about and to play gently with them He is tolerant and loving with all puppies. We have found this nurturing personality to be rare and extremely endearing. He has helped raise many many puppies that had no parental guide. So for this we are thankful.

Uncle Burt is a product of the designer dog breeding disaster. People mixing breeds of purebreds that were never meant to be bred together. People with little regard for the lives they create. Profit is the main drive in this new trend. We see there to many dogs like Burt that are born with physical issues. Burt is a pug and terrier cross. He was born with deformed dislocated knees. These knees need to be corrected to give Burt the best since at a long comfortable life. Burt had some handling issues when he arrived at R.E.D. foster care so we first resolved those issue so he could be a good patient during his recovery.

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