Friday, February 11, 2011

Pet of the day! Rubie and Seymour Seymour & Rubie are a matched set of tuxedo bookends. They make a beautiful and entertaining couple and will keep each other company while you are away. They are a cat lover's dream team! These kids are only about 7 months old. They are much loved, and will be missed in their foster home, but they need to get settled in their forever home as soon as possible.

Handsome Seymour is built like a stretch limo. He is long and lean with an elongated nose and figure, similar to the oriental cat breed. He is very outgoing, easy going, affectionate and mellow. He loves to be petted and scratched! Seymour is a silly, lovable, lap cat who entertains himself easily when alone with the simplest of household objects, but is ready to play interactively at any moment with his feline & human friends. His "twin" sister, Rubie, is almost identical, but petite, and more perfectly proportional. She also adores playtime, and has become extremely affectionate. Rubie is making up for lost time in her earlier shy kitten-hood. A switch was turned on suddenly, and now she cannot get enough of petting, scratching, grooming and attention of any sort. Like Seymour, she is very curious and intelligent.

Seymour & Rubie are very clean and have only good habits. Please call to arrange to meet them in their foster home or at the Seattle Animal shelter.

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