Monday, February 7, 2011

Pet of the day! Freya Sweet Freya, a glorious blue-nose and the one to the far left, excited by the play of other pups and all the snow! Just two and a glorious red color. This adorable sweetie was luckily rescued by an amazing person. As you can see, she likes his two pittie boys. She was rescued from a bad drug situation and clearly deserves a real life. We aim to find that for her and are grateful for her fosters kind heart. At the time he rescued her she was a bit fearful of people and he has been rehabilitating her and she is coming along really well. After a warm up period, she will try to be your lapdog :) She is young, healthy and full of life and ready to be loved! A bit more about Freya: She likes other doggies but not so much about cats. She is working on being good on a leash but does pull so a harness set up will be a good guide while she is in training to walk well. She loves to fetch and swim. She likes to play tug of war. She weighs 65 sexy lbs. She likes to sleep in the bed with you but will be ok in her kennel if that is your preference. Very loyal and playful, she is great with all humans. We have not seen her with kids so are not sure on that mark. She knows come, sit, stay and drop. Good girl! She has not yet been to a dog park, likely would be ok as long as supervised. Freya is desiring love and if you have it to give, she will take it. She loves to hike and does great off the leash on trails. If you are active, this will be a fun pal for you. What a friendship! Seattle area.

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