Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pet of the day Buster Posey Buster Posey is about 8 years old and 23 pounds of cute parti-colored Cocker - look at those freckles and tuft of hair up from his head, how could you resist? He is a great dog, a loving companion who is friendly to people and dogs alike. He's been fine with cats when he visited them, too. His foster family says that you really CAN teach older dogs new tricks: he quickly learned the house rules and found his place amid their family and other dogs with no signs of aggression or destruction. He is good on a leash though he doesn't need a ton of exercise, and a zest for life with a very balanced personality. He prances when he is happy or excited. Buster is a very affectionate little guy who will give hugs and snuggle and has a gentle mouth. He's not very food focused - but, guard your pies! He's used to being in the house with his dog buddies during the workday with a midday break, but rally enjoys being with a family. He loves to rest on a pile of pillows but has to organize them just right. Then he rolls and wiggles and is goofy until he's in just the right spot. He's even rolled off the couch in his attempt at pillow perfection.
He's a healthy little guy who is happy, friendly and cute! Buster is in foster care in Seattle, just waiting to meet you. A minimum donation of $95 is requested, more if you are able. We have given our dogs very extensive vet care thanks to the generosity of our donors and your contribution will help the next old canine.

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