Friday, February 18, 2011

Pet of the day! Baxter Nothing gets Baxter more excited than the opportunity to go outside and sniff around. Everything is new and thrilling to this happy, expressive and enthusiastic young fella, whose love of fresh air and natural athleticism makes him an ideal companion for walks, jogs and hikes. When he's done exploring, Baxter likes nothing better than to point his sniffer at the couch, where he'll gladly join you for a little rest and relaxation. Baxter is quick to sit for a treat, and with a little coaxing he'll lie down. But given his youth, he could benefit from a bit of additional training from an owner with some dog experience.
Baxter gets along with other canines, for the most part, and he'll do best in an active household (ages 10 and over please). With his big brown eyes and gorgeous red coat, this fun and cheerful guy will quickly win you over. Stop by and say hi to Baxter today!

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