Friday, January 14, 2011

So what is this blog about!

Just a portal to help connect families and pets ( locally right now). I can help find a pet for you for free!

I think a lot of people, even though they do want to adopt a pet, get overwhelmed by the choices or just the idea of meeting 10 dogs at the shelter or other details, if it is their first pet.
and then sometimes they will just find a puppy on sale somewhere and buy it, because it is just one choice and its a puppy! Not the way to go for sure. These days even puppies often find themselves dumped at shelters and rescues.

I am trying to collect a few pointers from here and there to help find you a perfect match! I can also help you directly by finding you your preferred age, breed, color, temperament pets around your local area and send you a list with details about how to meet them.

Of course, the mantra here is Please Adopt!! Dont Breed or Buy while shelter pets die!

I am also going to write about my experience with my own dog and my foster dogs in terms of caring, training and health.

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