Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pet of the day Jan 27

Babette is a charming cat. Shes a playful, sweet and loving purr machine who will spoon with you at night. She rolls over like a puppy and wiggles around with her paws in the air! She's nuts about her string toy, the laser or a fuzzy mouse. Babette loves to shadow her person, happy to snag the available lap. She likes to spoon at night, and sleep on the bed. Babette is the kind of cat who picks one special person and then completely dedicates herself to them--she's a great companion cat. She has excellent litterbox habits. Babette wants to be the only cat in her household. Her petfinder page

Looking for a mellow little companion to share your life with? Look no further. Molly is an easy to handle, gentle girl with twinkling eyes and a calm demeanor. And she's a cutie pie, even though she could use a trip to the groomer. She enjoys leisurely walks and hanging out on the couch with her humans. She's looking for a relatively quiet home with some prior dog experience, and any kids should be at least six years old. She's good with some other dogs. Come meet this cooperative and tolerant sweetheart! Her petfinder page

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