Monday, January 24, 2011

Chewie learns to get his teeth brushed!

Brushing your dogs teeth is really important to keep the risk of periodontal diseases at bay. Also a professional teeth cleaning by the vet requires deep cleaning under anesthesia which can run from a 100 bucks to  a 1000 depending on the amount of cleaning required, tooth extractions, and so on. 

Chewie's last cleaning was about 600 since he also needed 2 extractions. Also downtown vets are obviously a bit more costly:)
Here is how I got chewie to like his teeth cleaning
  • I got a nice flavored toothpaste, he likes the petrodex poultry flavor right now.
  • I started by letting him lick my finger which had some toothpaste on it.
  • I also touched his mouth and teeth and gums on a regular basis with my fingers for a while. 
  • Then one day I tried touching his teeth with a small toothbrush coated with the toothpaste and he was fine with it. If  the dog doesnt like the toothbrush at first, just touch it once in a while to his teeth for him to get comfortable. You can also make him comfortable by seating him on your lap and stroking him while brushing. Anything that associates the brushing with love and treats will work!
  • The most important part was giving him a lot of praise whenever he let me touch his teeth and gums.
  • Dogs will try and lick off the toothpaste, which is good, because that means they like it and will sit with you for the complete cleaning! Just keep trying to get to those inner teeth and you and you dog will figure out a comfortable procedure! 
 Heres a video ..

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