Monday, January 17, 2011

Bully Breeds and typecasting

Here is a constant controversy about bully Breeds and mainly pits and if they are right for you. If you trace back the origins of  Pit bulls, you will find that they were raised to be bait dogs or fight dogs. Hence, they have the muscled up body, the lock jaw and a bad reputation for aggression.. But over the years, they have converted to great family dogs.
Though in some parts, they still end up in a horrid underground dog fighting rings. The laws are getting better and better to eliminate this inhumane sport altogether.

The point to remember is that like any other dog, the bully breeds also have their own characteristics and as the parent/owner, it is our responsibility to know, understand, treat and train the dogs accordingly.

If a tiny chihuahua is aggressive and not trained and behavior corrected, the most it might do it nip your tiny finger. Think the same for a big bully breed with a big mouth. It can pretty much take big chunks out of a huge person. Think of what it could do to a tiny kid. It is not the dog's fault. The dog does not know its capabilities.

Because of the lack of responsibility by owners, these great dogs have gotten a bad name. On the other hand, everyday we see how great a pet, a well handled bully breed makes.

Think Cesar Milan's super cute assistant Daddy. He is the cutest pit I have ever seen. Think of all the rehabilitated pits rescued from Michael Vick, now in loving homes.
I met Roxy, a pit at a foster parents home where she was living with 2 chi mixes, a bull terrior and 2 peke mixes and she was the calmest of the bunch. The boston terrier would bite her and she would just pin it down after a while and the game began all over again. Me and hubbs were initially wary of her, but she was just such a cuddle bug. A big bulky cuddle bug! And we ended up petting her the most!

It doesnt matter if it is small dog or a big one, you have to know your dog, handle and train them to be a great loving forever pets!

More information about bully breeds, if they are right for you and how to make them the best pets here

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