Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bringing Fido home! Part 2-Shopping List

Bring when picking up the dog:
If the shelter or rescue does not provide the following, be sure to bring along a collar or harness, leash, and a crate.  

Supplies to have at home:

Crate: an invaluable tool, 
Baby gates or puppy pens: a good confinement alternative. 
Bedding: easy to clean, thick enough for comfort.
Water and food bowls: use stainless steel or ceramic. Plastic can absorb bacteria and smell.
Brush: brush daily; good for skin and can be better than bathing.
Grooming supplies: Shampoo, conditioners, brushes. these can be bought later as well. 
Pet cleaning solutions: Seventh Generation, simple solution or Nature's Miracle. to clean accidents on carpets!

Food: gradually change over to the food of your choice. Premium dog food can lead to lower vet bills. Dry food is good for teeth and digestion. Here is PETA's cruelty free dog food list You can read about what my foster dogs eat here  
Biscuits and Treats for snacks and rewards.

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