Monday, January 31, 2011

Pet of the day Benny & Harriet

These wonderful dogs qualify for the Seniors for Seniors program: senior citizens or disabled adults with a 'Gold Card for Healthy Aging', or a 'FLASH' card, issued by the City of Seattle, may adopt an older dog (at least six years old) at a special price. There will be no fee for the adoption itself, and the licensing fee will be half-price!Harriett is a wonderful 10 years young and must be adopted with her life partner Benny. As you can see from the photo of the two of them together, they are absolutely in love, and once you meet them, you'll fall in love too. Harriett enjoys being held and carried, while Benny is a bit more adventurous and likes to explore. Both enjoy snuggling on the couch, are friendly and very mellow. Benny and Harriett will require some dental care, so whoever adopts this wonderful pair would need to commit to addressing this need. And with smiles like theirs, how could you not want to take care of these sweet dog's teeth? Benny and Harriett are anxiously awaiting their new, forever love nest, where they can live happily ever after in their retirement years.
They are at the Seattle Animal Shelter. Their petfinder page

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pet of the day Jan 30

Zane is a baby. This sweetheart is still currently in a shelter and in need of a foster or forever home ASAP, as the shelter is at capacity. Can you help this sweetie by providing a temporary foster home or even better a forever home? All of the puppies are tested with other dogs and good tempered.
There are a bunch more puppies at UnderDawg Rescue

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bringing Fido home! Part 3-Introduction to your dog

Chewie and Simo(our first foster) waiting for a treat after a sit command.

  • Before bringing a new dog home, be sure all animals are healthy, have current vaccinations and test negative for parasites. Even if the dogs met successfully on neutral turf, things can be different when you bring a new dog home. Make sure there's another person at the homecoming so the dogs can meet on-leash outside. Meeting directly at home can bring out your dogs territorial behavior.
  • Prior to the introduction, leash-walk the new dog outside.
  • Then bring out the other dog(s) on leash. Make sure you are relaxed, so you don't telegraph anxiety through the leash. Avoid keeping the collar pulled tight, since "restraint frustration" elevates tension and the risk of aggression. The dogs will be more relaxed knowing they have some room to maneuver. Watch carefully so you can make a leash correction if necessary.
  • Make the meeting fun with a walk and some treats (timed to reward good, relaxed behavior). Introduce gradually, making sure the animals are calm. Pet the resident dog, assuring that everything's OK. If it's not OK, suspend introductions and resume the walk. Be careful to reward only good behavior.
  • Keep the dogs within sight of each other. (For more than two dogs, introduce each to the newcomer one at a time.) If the animals are receptive to each other, praise each one and reward them with treats and petting to show that good things happen when they are together. If there is a negative reaction, move back to the distance at which neither reacted. Watch for warning signs such as fur raised on the back, staring or stiffening up. If one dog reacts aggressively, don't punish the aggressor; instead, take him in a neutral or less valued area to settle down and ignore him. If both dogs act aggressively, remove each to different, neutral areas. Try re-introducing later in the day.
  • Be sure to give each pet 10 or 15 minutes of quality time alone with you each day - play, brush, massage, practice reward-able skills. Keep watch, and keep a spray bottle or whistle on hand to interrupt the pets if they begin to stare or otherwise misbehave. Continue rewarding good behavior with praise and kibble/treats.
Most of my fosters reacted well to chewie and so did he on their walk. The only ones he did not really warm up to were bossy girls. But they figured out their own spaces in the house within a day or two.

Pet of the day Jan 29

Glorious girl!! This is sweet Cheyenne! Cheyennes a 2-year old that is so sweet and loyal. Shes pretty mellow and easy going. Not the normal high energy on the go but rather, lie by your feet and gaze at you with love :) Of course, she does need exercise as all dogs do. She loves women and it takes her a little time to warm up to men but then does great. With other dogs shes dog tolerant, not super social. Shes house broken, knows the basic. Shes a great, sweet girl.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Pets of the day!

Pommies at Displaced Pet Rescue..

I am such a pomeranian fan, that if i could I would probably have a farm filled with jumping furballs.. on second thoughts.. thats just too much hair all over the place..

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bringing Fido home! Part 2-Shopping List

Bring when picking up the dog:
If the shelter or rescue does not provide the following, be sure to bring along a collar or harness, leash, and a crate.  

Supplies to have at home:

Crate: an invaluable tool, 
Baby gates or puppy pens: a good confinement alternative. 
Bedding: easy to clean, thick enough for comfort.
Water and food bowls: use stainless steel or ceramic. Plastic can absorb bacteria and smell.
Brush: brush daily; good for skin and can be better than bathing.
Grooming supplies: Shampoo, conditioners, brushes. these can be bought later as well. 
Pet cleaning solutions: Seventh Generation, simple solution or Nature's Miracle. to clean accidents on carpets!

Food: gradually change over to the food of your choice. Premium dog food can lead to lower vet bills. Dry food is good for teeth and digestion. Here is PETA's cruelty free dog food list You can read about what my foster dogs eat here  
Biscuits and Treats for snacks and rewards.

Bringing Fido home! Part 1-Getting acclimated

Getting acclimated/housetraining helpers:
  • When you bring your new dog home, leash-walk so that he can take in the smells of the turf and relieve himself. Pick a special place and encourage him to potty there. Be patient; it may take 10 or 15 minutes. Always praise warmly when he relieves himself in an approved spot.
  • Next, enter the house and show him around. Keep him on leash. If he lifts his leg, give him a quick leash correction (slight yank on the leash and release) and tell him "No" to disrupt the action, then take him outside immediately. Offer him a treat for going in the right place.
  • Remember, your dog will be excited and anxious about his new home. Don't be surprised at panting and pacing, housetraining accidents, excessive drinking or chewing, or gastric upset. In addition, any dog, especially a male who was not neutered early, is likely to mark new territory - especially if other pets have lived there. Tell every member of your family to resist the temptation to overwhelm a new dog. Give him some time and space to get settled.
  • Scolding and shouting will only confuse the dog. Positive reinforcement with treats and love are the best training tools.
  • Next, take him to his crate. Encourage him to sniff around; reward him with small treats for entering and staying in the crate. Keep soft bedding and safe toys in the crate; rotate the toys for variety.
  • Crate facts. Housetraining problems are the top reason people give up dogs. Crates aid in housetraining because of dogs' den instincts - they avoid messing where they sleep. Crating is cruel only if the dog is physically uncomfortable or if left too often or too long. Limit crating to 4-5 hours maximum a day.
  • Teach your dog that good things come in the crate. Place appealing toys in the crate; feed in the crate. Stay in the room awhile and praise when the dog rests calmly in the crate. Resist letting the dog out if she cries. However, if she has to relieve herself, honor that. Over the transition period, gradually open the crate door and increase the number of rooms to which she has access.
  • After the house tour, take him outside to potty again. Be sure to take him to the same spot.
Having a few accidents the first week does not mean a dog is not housebroken. Take the dog out more often for the first few days. You can use a leash indoors during the transition: For the first couple of weeks, you can stop him immediately if he starts doing something you don't want - such as lifting his leg, chewing on a chair leg, jumping on the couch, or signaling aggression towards anyone in the household.
Dogs thrive on routine, so orient your new companion to your schedule. As long as you are consistent and provide leadership, the dog will adjust.

Your dog will want to explore everything, so puppy-proof your house (place shoes inside closets, put electrical cords out of reach, move prized objects to higher ground), or limit access to the room you are in.

During the transition period, a dog needs time to adjust to the rules and schedule of your household. And he needs your leadership! A dog is a pack animal looking for guidance. Establish yourself as alpha by commanding the leash, personally giving him food, using obedience training. Details to be covered in another part.

Pet of the day Jan 27

Babette is a charming cat. Shes a playful, sweet and loving purr machine who will spoon with you at night. She rolls over like a puppy and wiggles around with her paws in the air! She's nuts about her string toy, the laser or a fuzzy mouse. Babette loves to shadow her person, happy to snag the available lap. She likes to spoon at night, and sleep on the bed. Babette is the kind of cat who picks one special person and then completely dedicates herself to them--she's a great companion cat. She has excellent litterbox habits. Babette wants to be the only cat in her household. Her petfinder page

Looking for a mellow little companion to share your life with? Look no further. Molly is an easy to handle, gentle girl with twinkling eyes and a calm demeanor. And she's a cutie pie, even though she could use a trip to the groomer. She enjoys leisurely walks and hanging out on the couch with her humans. She's looking for a relatively quiet home with some prior dog experience, and any kids should be at least six years old. She's good with some other dogs. Come meet this cooperative and tolerant sweetheart! Her petfinder page

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pet of the day Jan 26

Caleb needs a home that will help him blossom and become a bit less nervous. A cutie pie to be sure, Caleb, just three, has many years ahead of him if we can find him a foster or home. He weighs about 20lbs. He is great in every way other than being sensitive about being handled, so time will help him get confident. He is just like my personal dog who will sit with you, lick you, hang with you, but does not like to be picked up. He is fine with other dogs but a slow intro will be best for him. He did not test well with cats and should not go to a home with cats. He is updated on shots, neutered, ready to live! No kids due to jumpy behavior. His petfinder page is
Dumpling is a fuzzy cute little back boy kitty. He is one of the most vocal boys we know when playing, sweetly chirping and trilling to his buddies as they chase each other and tussle. He is close to his buddy Opal (also a boy) - they can spend hours wrestling and chasing from one end of the house to the other. When not in play mode, he is a quiet kitty, with only the occasional meow to let you know he wants something. Dumpling came from a feral colony and is still shy around people.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pet of the day Jan 25

Meet Barry! This adorable 1-year-old Chihuahua mix, with aerodynamic ears and a calm personality, will make a great companion. Barry was brought to us from another shelter where he ran out of time. At the Seattle Humane Society, we will give him as long as it takes to find him a new home. Come visit Barry at the Bellevue shelter, located at the junction 1-405 and I-90. As with all of our dogs, Barry has been neutered, micro-chipped, vaccinated and behavior tested. He will go home with a certificate for an examination by a King County veterinarian and an identification tag. PLUS, most dog adoptions include six weeks of training in one of our on-campus dog behavior courses - a great way to start off on the right paw! His petfinder page

Rosebud is a 9-year old black and brown Manx kitty whose gentle, loving personality will win you over! She has deep green eyes, an orange chin and sturdy little legs that, along with having no tail, give her an irresistable silhouette! Rosebud came to us after her owner passed away and it is obvious that this little girl was well-loved. She gives her affection immediately and unconditionally - rolling for loves and hamming it up! If you are considering adopting a pet then please consider adopting Rosebud at the Seattle Humane Society at the junction of I-90 and I-405. She will steal your heart! As with all of our cats, Rosebud has been spayed, micro-chipped, vaccinated and tested for Feline Leukemia/FIV. She will go home with a certificate for an examination by a King County veterinarian and a collar with an identification tag.
Her petfinder page

Monday, January 24, 2011

Chewie learns to get his teeth brushed!

Brushing your dogs teeth is really important to keep the risk of periodontal diseases at bay. Also a professional teeth cleaning by the vet requires deep cleaning under anesthesia which can run from a 100 bucks to  a 1000 depending on the amount of cleaning required, tooth extractions, and so on. 

Chewie's last cleaning was about 600 since he also needed 2 extractions. Also downtown vets are obviously a bit more costly:)
Here is how I got chewie to like his teeth cleaning
  • I got a nice flavored toothpaste, he likes the petrodex poultry flavor right now.
  • I started by letting him lick my finger which had some toothpaste on it.
  • I also touched his mouth and teeth and gums on a regular basis with my fingers for a while. 
  • Then one day I tried touching his teeth with a small toothbrush coated with the toothpaste and he was fine with it. If  the dog doesnt like the toothbrush at first, just touch it once in a while to his teeth for him to get comfortable. You can also make him comfortable by seating him on your lap and stroking him while brushing. Anything that associates the brushing with love and treats will work!
  • The most important part was giving him a lot of praise whenever he let me touch his teeth and gums.
  • Dogs will try and lick off the toothpaste, which is good, because that means they like it and will sit with you for the complete cleaning! Just keep trying to get to those inner teeth and you and you dog will figure out a comfortable procedure! 
 Heres a video ..

Pet of the day Jan 24

Bree and Tito Pekingese Female/spayed Male/neutered Bree: 1 year old/12 lbs Tito: 2 years old 18 lbs Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum - Awwww - that's not nice when talking about Tito and Bree but it is a reminder that these two dogs MUST be adopted together and always stay together. We must report that these two are the perfect doggie twosome for someone who wants a pair of small dogs that will keep each other company when the owner has to be away. As the foster mom says  "It could not get any better than these two dogs." Tito and Bree's foster mom is absolutely enchanted with this wonderful pair of Pekes. Tito and Bree take themselves outdoor via the doggie door to "take care of business." If you don't have a doggie door then you will need to take time to show them how you want it done but we now know that they are great once they know the routine. 
These two little rascals adore people and each other and show no jealousy between themselves. They play together as if there's no other way to live life. Oh, if humans could just take a lesson from Tito and Bree. They will ask to be held and once Tito and Bree know the human, Tito is just fine letting Bree soak up all the attention she wants. Tito and Bree could be renamed to "Energy" and "Then Some" because they LOVE to run outside and play, play, play and then play some more. Both dogs can be crated but they prefer to be with their human(s). We think that it will only be a matter of minutes before you realize that you prefer to be with Tito and Bree, too, and you can't imagine ever leaving them.  It could not get any better then these two charmers. We aren't able to state that very often. Fostered in Blaine, WA email Furbaby Rescue for application.  Here is their petfinder page

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pet of the day Jan 23

Spotty is a 6 year old Jack Russell terrier with a lot of personality. He's playful, friendly and handsome (with a bit of a stubborn streak). He gets compliments wherever he goes! He's got plenty of energy and loves to play fetch, but still likes to take a good nap on the couch. He loves toys - squeakers, stuffed toys, balls, bones! (So many toys, so little time to chew your furniture. He's not interested in your shoes, either.) He can be shy at first, but warms up quickly and loves to get scratches behind his ears and under his collar. He also loves to give kisses.

He knows his basics commands - sit, stay, easy - and he's really good on a leash. Overall, he's easy and fun to have around. Spotty is an epileptic, so he has to take medication twice a day. It's no problem though, because he doesn't mind taking his pills while he eats. Being in a foster home has made him less anxious, and now he's ready to find his forever parents. He would adjust best in an adult only home, and would likely get along with another dog. He likes a medium energy level environment and a steady routine. Come and meet this sweet boy!
HOW TO ADOPT - Please fill out a Dog Adoption Application, available at and email it to the Seattle Animal Shelter Foster Dog Program at You may also fax it to 206-386-4285. 

Alternatively, you may fill out or drop off the application at the Seattle Animal Shelter, located at 2061 15th Ave. W (1 mile south of the Ballard Bridge, at the corner of W. Armory Way). The shelter is open five days a week (Wednesday - Sunday), noon - 6 p.m. and closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and holidays. 
Cleo is a regal senior lady with a soft, snow white coat and huge golden moon eyes. You'd never know she's twelve years old - she wears her age well. She likes to chat, and talks to you when you pet her. This gentle cat would be great as your very first cat - she's friendly, affectionate, and a wonderful lap cat. She tolerates other cats. Cleo is looking for a quiet, calm, mature home where she'll be treated like the grand lady she is. Come pay her a visit soon!
This wonderful cat qualifies for the Seniors for Seniors program: senior citizens or disabled adults with a 'Gold Card for Healthy Aging', or a 'FLASH' card, issued by the City of Seattle, may adopt an older cat (at least six years old) at a special price. There will be no fee for the adoption itself, and the licensing fee will be half-price! This is cleo's petfinder page

Saturday, January 22, 2011

What do chewie and the foster dogs eat

I am continuously working towards better health, reducing the suffering of any living thing directly or indirectly involved and the environmental impact when it comes to food on my table. The same applies to my kiddies as well.

Most supermarket commercial food contains fillers like corn, and factory farmed and hormone filled meat and is also tested on caged lab animals who have a horrible and painful life.

The only current somewhat believable list of pet food companies is on the Peta site

My current choices of foods and snacks usually come from
Natural Balance (has vegan options as well)
Solid Gold

There are a lot of other options as well and some of them also offer vegan options. Please check the Peta site for a complete list.

Pet of the day!

 Harry Potter is a very charming, handsome male Pomeranian looking for a warm place to call home. Here is his petfinder page 
He is approximately 8+ years old and has lots of love to give. Harry is shy until he gets to know and trust you then he can be a real ham. He is easy going and not a barker except when he is alerting you to something such as someone at the door. He is great with other pets. He is being fostered in a home with 4 cats, two of which are bigger than him, 1 parrot, 1 large easy going dog, and a variety of other size dogs that come over for play days. He will follow you around and lay quietly by your side or at their feet. He plays with stuffed and rope toys. He likes to ride in the car and go on outings. Harry has been crate and litter box trained. He uses the crate as a safe haven if he gets scared. He is house broken and will use a litter box if he is unable to go outside to go potty. He is a loving and enjoyable dog. Harry has just been treated by a full service vet for his advanced dental disease and had 14 teeth extracted. If you would like a very dedicated, loving companion, Harry is your man. He is in a foster home but you can make arrangements to meet him. Please email to arrange to meet Harry Potter. His adoption fee is $80.00

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pet of the day!

Howdy - I'm Pluto. Here is my petfinder page.
I am at the Seattle Animal Shelter. I love to be with humans! I was in a foster home for a while, but now I'm back at the shelter. I'm a happy guy and I like to play and cuddle. I'm smart too, and know 'sit' and 'down' - in fact I attended a basic manners class with my foster parents. I learned what it means to be an inside dog - I did well in my crate when my foster mom was at work, and loved hanging out with her when she was home. I'm still just a little worried about new places and experiences, but with a calm, confident guardian and lots of positive reinforcement (yummy treats) I'll thrive! I should be the only dog in the home, but with proper introductions should be fine with cats (check me out snoozing with the kitty in my photo!). I've been playing with some 11 year old twins and we have a blast - so kids about this age would be great in my new family. I'm an awesome gentleman dog - and can't wait for a home of my own! 
Be sure to check out my cool video  petfinder page on my- I'm a star! Then come on down to the shelter for a visit!   

Zeus is a friendly, affectionate and outgoing kitty. He has a shiny black coat that he loves to have brushed and petted. At six years old he's active, but calms down easily. This handsome fellow is looking for a quiet, calm home with some prior cat experience where he'll be your only pet.Zeus can't wait to start his new life . Here is his petfinder Page . He is also at the Seattle Animal Shelter @ 2061 15th Ave W, Seattle, WA-98119  Ph: 206-386-PETS(7387)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pet of the day!

    Look at this sweet little baby Ann. This is her petfinder page

This is Ann, a 2 month old, 5 pound puppy. She is a Formosan Mountain Dog (or a Taiwan street dog) and will end up being the most loyal and loving dog you will ever know. Beautiful and smart, she is so adorable. This little tiny girl was found in Taiwan where she and her littermate Bell were fortunate to be picked up by a rescue organization there. This is a special girl from a special breed. She (as these dogs can be) will be a little shy at first so please keep that in mind. However, most do great with kids and cats and are wonderful family members. Please do a little research on Formosan Mountain Dogs and Taiwan Dogs to ensure the breed is right for you...our website is a good place to start.  More details on her petfinder page.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chewie learns to shake hands!

I dont claim to be a trainer and that this will work for all dogs. This is how I trained our pom to shake hands.

Pomeranians are a stubborn and not a calm breed. So it takes a while for him to just understand that he has to wait and listen to command carefully and then react.

For hand shake, I started by making him sit which he knows very well. And a few times day, I would just make him sit and say shake hand and simultaneously take his paw in my own hand, and giving him tiny treats. After a few days, i would just tap his leg and if he didnt lift it, I would take his paw in my hand. He started lifting his paw after a few such tries. Then after a while, he started giving me his paw before I tapped his leg. So I dint need to tap the leg anymore. I started offering my palm and he started giving his paw on command. Sometimes, he would not do it because he was too impatient  for the treat, so i would take his paw anyway.
After about 2 weeks, he had it down pat, and would even give his paw, if i just showed my hand palm up,  without a command and without treats!

I will probably put up a video in some time of chewie's tricks.

Pet of the day!

LuLu is a very sweet girl, she is loving and playful. Here is Lulu's petfinder page
LuLu is about 6lbs and 4 years old. She has done great with the other dogs and is friendly with my cat. She appears to be litter box and piddle pad trained as well as kennel trained. She knows a couple of commands that we have discovered, does a very pretty sit for a cookie. LuLu is a little on the chubby side so needs to do some dieting, it shouldn't take long to get her slimmed down. We are trying to get spay appointments this week so LuLu will be able to go home after that. We are currently accepting applications for her. LuLu's tax-deductible placement donation is $350. Please check our Available page for a current listing and complete the adoption application found linked from that page at or on Lulu's petfinder page. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pet of the day!

Bailey  and Yoda at Seattle Pug Rescue. Here is their petfinder page

Age: 8 years (Bailey #3) and 6 years (Yoda)

Sex: Female (Bailey) and Male (Yoda)

Color: Black (Bailey) and Fawn (Yoda)

Used to having a human available all the time. Good with kids and dogs, cats are unknown. Bailey is housebroken and has some vision impairment. Yoda reportedly did some marking when left alone, but he will be neutered and that  should help a great deal with that.

Adoption fee: $400 for the pair  . More information on their petfinder page. There are 10-15 more pugs available for adoption at Seattle Pug Rescue. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bully Breeds and typecasting

Here is a constant controversy about bully Breeds and mainly pits and if they are right for you. If you trace back the origins of  Pit bulls, you will find that they were raised to be bait dogs or fight dogs. Hence, they have the muscled up body, the lock jaw and a bad reputation for aggression.. But over the years, they have converted to great family dogs.
Though in some parts, they still end up in a horrid underground dog fighting rings. The laws are getting better and better to eliminate this inhumane sport altogether.

The point to remember is that like any other dog, the bully breeds also have their own characteristics and as the parent/owner, it is our responsibility to know, understand, treat and train the dogs accordingly.

If a tiny chihuahua is aggressive and not trained and behavior corrected, the most it might do it nip your tiny finger. Think the same for a big bully breed with a big mouth. It can pretty much take big chunks out of a huge person. Think of what it could do to a tiny kid. It is not the dog's fault. The dog does not know its capabilities.

Because of the lack of responsibility by owners, these great dogs have gotten a bad name. On the other hand, everyday we see how great a pet, a well handled bully breed makes.

Think Cesar Milan's super cute assistant Daddy. He is the cutest pit I have ever seen. Think of all the rehabilitated pits rescued from Michael Vick, now in loving homes.
I met Roxy, a pit at a foster parents home where she was living with 2 chi mixes, a bull terrior and 2 peke mixes and she was the calmest of the bunch. The boston terrier would bite her and she would just pin it down after a while and the game began all over again. Me and hubbs were initially wary of her, but she was just such a cuddle bug. A big bulky cuddle bug! And we ended up petting her the most!

It doesnt matter if it is small dog or a big one, you have to know your dog, handle and train them to be a great loving forever pets!

More information about bully breeds, if they are right for you and how to make them the best pets here

Pet of the day!

Hi, I am Sammy! Here is my petfinder page

Everyone who meets me says that Im one of the cutest and sweetest dogs on the planet! Now thats a compliment! 

I'm an older guy, with a hitch in my hips - recently neutered and missing one eye which had gotten badly infected in my former home. I must admit my hearing isn't what is used to be either. I've recovered nicely from surgery, and really enjoy life in my foster home - especially my foster mommy who made me feel safe when I was waking up from surgery. But I know they like to travel lots, and take long trips - so they can't keep me too much longer. And I know having my very own forever family will be awesome! 

I would love to have a forever family with humans who are home a lot, and adore dogs who like to cuddle. Because of my hip issues, I'd do best in a one level home. Though I'm content on the floor near you, I sure prefer being on a couch, on your lap, or on the bed next to you if you allow me. I like being brushed, and I love an occasional bath in warm water with you massaging doggy shampoo onto me.  I do have a heart condition that requires twice daily meds - but I'm fine with them! 

I only weigh about 20 pounds, and I just hang out and sleep most of the day and through the night as well. I can't take long walks, but do love to romp on level ground (see my short video). My plumbing works best if I eat while shut in my crate, stay there for 20-30 minutes after eating and then immediately go for a short walk. I'm living with a cat now, and I pretty much ignore him. I'd probably be ok living with a calm, older dog, but you know, I'd really prefer to be your only dog so I can have all your love and attention. While I respond well to affection from humans of all ages and sizes, I'd do best in a mellow adult-only home where someone is around most of the day (I need to get out on a regular, consistent schedule to do my business). OK - now you know a bit about me - let's meet!  Adoption  and how to meet me information on my petfinder page!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pet of the day!

Here is Chico's Petfinder page

Chico is about 2 yrs old and was just rescued from the shelter after he was brought in as a stray. He is a very sweet boy, not a barker and great with other dogs, big or small. He can be a little shy of people at first, but warms up once he gets to know you. He is a sweet boy that just needs patience and love and learn that he has a family that loves him and will always be there for him. He is about 5-7lbs and is fullgrown. His adoption fee is $175 and includes his neuter, shots, worming and microchip. All contact and adoption details are on my petfinder page

What breed cat is right for me?

Like dog breeds, there is a cat breed selector on animal planet to help find a good breed match for you.

As with all animals, the breeds are an indicator of the animal and its personality, but a lot depends on every individual animal.

There are lot more number of cats and kittens and a lot more of a defined breed in shelters and rescues. Do give these guys a second chance.

I do not have much experience with cats. I am hoping to read up and talk to cat owners so I can provide more information here!

What breed dog is right for me?

The best breed match I have found is on animal planet

You can complete the questionnaire to find the breeds that best match you, your family and your lifestyle.

There are other links on the site which have information about all breeds, dogs that make best pets for families and much more. As with all animals, the breeds are an indicator of the animal and its personality, but a lot depends on every individual animal. Always meet with the animals before deciding on adopting.

Once you narrow down the breeds, you can find them on sorted by your local area.

Half the shelter animals these days are pure-breeds. So if you do want a particular breed, you can be sure to find a lot of choices. Most of the other dogs are usually mix of 2 breeds and not really mutts. Mixed breed usually tend to have less health problems and better temperaments!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Things to think about when deciding on a pet!

Do read :

A few basic questions to ask yourself and everyone in the family before getting a pet

Why do you want a pet?

Pets like dogs and cats live upto 15 years. If the pet is for your kids, they will be out the house much earlier than that. 

Do you have time for a pet?

Dogs, cats and other companion animals require food, water, exercise, care and companionship every day of every year. Thousands of animals end up in shelters or are put to death (euthanized) because their owners did not realize how much time it took to properly care for their pet.

Can you afford a pet?

The adoption fee is just the beginning of a lifetime of expenses.
Adoption (at a shelter this includes spay-neuter fee)$85$85
Vaccines (2 per year @ 15 each)$450$450
Heartworm test (1 per year)$25$30
Heartworm prevention pills (varies depending on size)$900$600
Leukemia testN/A$40
Leukemia prevention shot (1 per year @ $17 each)N/A$255
Basic health exam (1 per year @ $30 per visit)$450$450
Microchipping (implanted I.D.)$30$30
Flea control (varies depending on size)$1,800$1,440
License ($10 per year if animal is altered)$150$150
Food (dry) ($182 per year)$2,730$2,730
Grooming (brushes, combs, shampoo, nail trimmers etc.)$100$100
Cat Litter ($60 per year)N/A$900
Litter box and scoop (1 per year @ $10 each)N/A$150
Collars and leashes$225$50
Please note that this list is based on a 15 year life expectancy and does not include all the expenses you will incur. Don't forget training, illness, toys, treats, bowls, bed, doghouse, carrier, kennel fees, etc. It is estimated that the average cost per year of owning a cat or dog is about $1,000.

Plan for the future. Can you have a pet where you currently live and how many times do you think you might move in the next 15 years?

Many rental communities either don't allow pets or have restrictions as to the type of pets they allow. It is not uncommon for landlords to require an additional deposit if you own a pet. If you might move within the next 15 years, what will be your plan for your pet.

Are you prepared to handle: 

Accidents in the house, soiled or torn furniture and unexpected medical emergencies? 

How will this pet be cared for while you are away on vacation or business or emergencies?

You will need reliable friends, relatives or money to pay for a boarding kennel or pet sitter.

Is this the right pet for you?

Adopting a large or energetic dog to share your small apartment, for example, is probably not going to be successful. Some breeds of dogs require a lot of physical and mental exercise.  They will display their frustration and built up energy with any or all of the following behaviors: barking, digging, chewing or jumping. Breed research and talking with the volunteers at the shelters, humane society, rescues will help you choose the right pet. 

Do go through the Choosing a pet questionnaire in Seattle Humane Society's Choosing a Pet  and find answers to your questions!

More links on the sidebar to help find local shelters and rescues!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Pet of the day!


Hi! My name is Bucky!  Here is my petfinder page ! I am a happy, handsome Pomeranian gentleman. My foster mom will tell you that I am the easiest Pom she has ever known! I am in exceptional health despite my lack of eyesight. My blood work came back great when my teeth were recently cleaned. I am an intrepid explorer -- I can map out a yard or the entire floor of a house in no time. Checking out new places is my idea of fun. Playing with my people is too. Most folks don't even know I am blind until someone tells them. My ideal home would be an apartment or a house with a fence yard, with someone who will love me always, feed me healthy food and make sure I steer clear of stairs. If you could be my forever home, please call my foster mom, Lisa, before 9pm, at 206-658-3625. Or email her at Please leave your phone number and give a brief summary of your previous dog experience.

So what is this blog about!

Just a portal to help connect families and pets ( locally right now). I can help find a pet for you for free!

I think a lot of people, even though they do want to adopt a pet, get overwhelmed by the choices or just the idea of meeting 10 dogs at the shelter or other details, if it is their first pet.
and then sometimes they will just find a puppy on sale somewhere and buy it, because it is just one choice and its a puppy! Not the way to go for sure. These days even puppies often find themselves dumped at shelters and rescues.

I am trying to collect a few pointers from here and there to help find you a perfect match! I can also help you directly by finding you your preferred age, breed, color, temperament pets around your local area and send you a list with details about how to meet them.

Of course, the mantra here is Please Adopt!! Dont Breed or Buy while shelter pets die!

I am also going to write about my experience with my own dog and my foster dogs in terms of caring, training and health.